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Upload Rate

What is an Upload Rate?

This is the rate that data is transferred from your computer to the Internet. Needed for putting your pictures on Instagram or saving files on Dropbox. 5Mbps is perfect!

Download Rate

What is a Download Rate?

This is how fast you can pull data from the internet to you. Needed for watching Netflix, listening to Spotify or Deezer and browsing Facebook. Your perfect speed is dependent on your needs.

Download Rate Options

What Download Rate Do I Need?

10Mbps: More than ideal for most households. You watch Netflix and YouTube in HD and stream music. Ideal for small households. Remember, you can always upgrade!

Up to 40Mbps: Now you are getting serious. Your home is busy with multiple smart phones, you enjoy gaming and streaming Netflix on multiple TVs at the same time.

Over 100Mbps: Ideal for power users and small businesses.