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10 Games and Apps to Help You Pass the Time
14 Sep 17

10 Games and Apps to Help You Pass the Time

10 games and apps to help pass time

Your smartphone is perfect for filling in those spare moments and on a daily basis we all find ourselves with some time to kill or waste, it all depends on you. Whether you’re super productive or super chilled with how you spend your time, we’ve put together a list of time killers that has something for everyone. All the games and apps listed are available for Android and iOS smartphones. 

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 App 

The next generation of a classic game, it is sure to keep you busy for as long as you need it to. There are tons of levels so you’re guaranteed to have something to kill some time, anytime, anywhere. It has simple gameplay with good graphics and gets more challenging as you move up through the levels. 

Colouring Apps

Adult Colouring Apps 

Remember when we were kids, life was so simple and our only concern was colouring inside the lines? Well now we can easily be transported back to those fun filled days right from our Smartphones. Adult colouring books and apps are very popular and there is such a variety to choose from. Simply head over to your app store and take your pick, then start colouring away. Who said being an adult was no fun? 

Audio books

Audio Book Apps 

Some of us really enjoy getting stuck into a good book. There are limits to where that good book can be enjoyed though, like sitting in traffic for example. These days there really isn’t a need to buy and carry around hard copies. Unless of course you’re hoping to run into the author and have it signed or enjoy the feel of actual pages being turned. That being said, audio books are a great way to enjoy your favourite books, while saving some trees. Apps like Audible work really well and can be used offline too. So the next time you’re in bumper to bumper traffic, you can listen to a book while you wait. 


QuizUp App 

This is a really great game if you’re into general knowledge and have a competitive streak. You can challenge your friends or expand your reach and go head to head with someone in another country. As you level up in the game, you’ll be levelling up your general knowledge too, so it really is a win-win situation with this award winning game. 


Peak App 

Developed by neuroscientists, this is a fun way to train your brain while making good use of your free time. You can challenge your memory, attention, problem solving, mental agility, language, coordination, creativity and emotion control. Even better than the brain power you’ll gain is the fact that you can challenge your friends and compare brain maps. 

100 Balls

100 Balls App 

The game is simple. You start with a pot of 100 balls and you control a tap that drops the balls into a set of constantly revolving cups. The cups end up back at the top dropping the balls back into your pot and that’s how you build up your score. If any balls miss the cup they’re lost forever and once you run out of balls, its game over. 


Paperama App 

The art of Origami produces some pretty amazing things by folding paper. If you’ve ever tried it you’ll know how difficult it is, so if you’re up for a challenge Paperama is for you. Each level gives you a different design to master by folding virtual paper, the trick is getting it as accurate as you can. 



This amazing app is for lovers of content. It serves up the perfect mix of photos, videos, entertaining articles, quotes, news, art, memes, travel tips and much more from around the web. All you have to do is choose the topics that most interest you and StumbleUpon will do the rest. The app gets to know you better as you use it, providing quick snippets of content you’d most appreciate, now that’s convenience at its finest. 


ToileTime App

This app is well named, but you can decide where the best place to kill time with it is. There are over 20 toilet themed games, to keep you occupied, while you…take care of business. It’s completely mindless fun at its best! 

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Five years later and Candy Crush Saga is just as popular. With millions of people turning to this candy inspired puzzle game to pass the time daily, it’s no surprise that it has made the list. There are what seems like a never-ending supply of levels to play and master, so you are guaranteed to be entertained for a very long time to come. Be warned though, this game is addictive and like the candy that inspired this game, it will keep you coming back for more.

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