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10 Insane (But True) Things about Smartphones
30 Jan 18

Insane Things about Smartphones

We use them every day, for just about everything and as a result there are more and more outrageously insane things about smartphones that often emerge. From how many hours we spend on them to how many times we simply touch them, smartphones have taken over most aspects of life and in a helpful way too! How many of these insane things about smartphones did you know? 

1. There are more Smartphone owners in the world than there are toothbrush owners 
You read that right! It is believed there are more than 3,7 Billion Smartphone owners in the world today, compared to just over 3,5 Billion toothbrush owners. Last we checked there isn’t an app that can replace a toothbrush, so go figure. 

2. About 33% of all Smartphones are either lost or broken 
That’s quite a few Smartphones, millions in fact! We can’t help but wonder where the lost phones end up. Perhaps it’s another case of the missing sock every time the laundry is done. 

3. The average time spent on a Smartphone daily is 4,7hrs 
At least 3 of those hours are spent on apps, browsing and texting. We would never judge anyone on the time they spend on their phones after all there’s so much that can be done these days, just remember to feed to dogs guys! 

4. More time is spent on Mobile Apps than watching TV 
With Social Media and Mobile Gaming being so popular it’s not hard to believe that TV is falling away. Don’t forget the video streaming that’s now possible, so it seems the Smartphone is in fact becoming more and more than just a phone than it already is. 

5. Texting on Smartphones are producing new brain waves 
Didn’t see that one coming did you? Scientists have studied the effect texting has on our brains and have discovered a new brain wave is produced in at least 1 in 5 people. Maybe one day these brainwaves will be synced with our phones and texting will happen telepathically? 

6. Over 100 Billion app downloads every year 
Just over 10 years ago, apps didn’t exist. Now there are staggering amounts of downloads happening yearly. That makes sense though, see number 4! 

7. No water or electricity for a day, no problem 
According to a survey in Brazil, almost half of all Smartphone users would rather go a day without water or electricity, than a day without the phone. That sounds a bit scary, but hey we’re not going to judge. 

8. Smartphones are involved in at least 1 in 4 car crashes 
Now that’s where we draw the line people. Let’s make our cars phone free zones while driving, it’s the safe thing to do. 

9. The average Smartphone user takes about 150 photos a month 
That is a lot of photos though? Let’s break it down – 50 photos deleted for not being flattering, 50 taken of other friends/events/interesting stuff, 50 taken of yourself. Not so bad we guess, but at least there’s an opportunity to be considered above average, just take more than 150 photos. 

10. A Smartphone can be an alarm clock too 
Remember the days of waking up the annoying sound of an alarm clock that ultimately ends up against a wall? Well now that more than 50% of Smartphone users are using their phones as their alarms, we can say with some confidence that more alarm clocks are safe from the walls these days.

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