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10 Dating Apps to play Cupid this Valentine's Day
16 Jan 19
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You know you’ve been single for too long, when you run out of Adele songs you can drunkenly shout at your cat each night. Luckily for you, your buddy, Phil, can teach you how to transform your mobile phone into your personal cupid. Find love this Valentine’s Day with Phonefinder’s handy guide of dating and relationship apps for your mobile phone. Phil, the love guru, is in!

You’re probably most familiar with this one. With all its millions of profiles at your fingertips, there are few dating apps that can stand against old faithful. This app matches people up according to their physical attraction to each other. Whether you’re looking for a new love or just looking to make an attractive new friend, Tinder is the place to be.

From one of Tinder’s co-founders comes an app to put the ball in the ladies’ court. Bumble is very similar to its older sibling with the exception that it is up to the woman to make the first move. That’s right, ladies – it’s the 21st century and you are officially calling the shots in the dating app arena. Just remember that you have to strike up a conversation pretty quickly as each match disappears after 24 hours – story of my love life…

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again? You can make it happen with Happn! This app can help you connect with the cutie you passed on the street the other day. If she is a Happn user too, her profile will appear on your timeline as well as the number of times you’ve crossed paths in real life. You then have the option of sending an anonymous "like”, or if you’re feeling particularly daring, send them a notification and start a conversation.

We’ve all had that Facebook crush, but you can only stalk someone online for so long. Step up your online dating game with Hinge, the app that finds you a match from among your Facebook friends or their Facebook friends. You don’t have to worry about the awkwardness of meeting a perfect stranger as you would with Tinder – Hinge opens the door for you to date that special someone you’ve already met and even chatted with, but chickened out of asking on a date. Until now.

Dating apps for Valentine's day

You might not have my moves, but don’t worry – that’s what friends are for. This app gives your best mate the chance to prove their matchmaking prowess. They create your profile and choose your potential bachelor or bachelorette. Once they’ve hooked you a winner, they’ll introduce you over the app. A competitive leaderboard provides a little extra motivation to make that hard sell and find you the perfect match.

Too shy to go it alone? With Double, you can rope in a friend, instead of facing an awkward or creepy date on your lonesome. Like Tinder, you can arrange to meet through the app; unlike Tinder, you and your date can double up with a respective friend. Just pray that your friend manages to out-awkward you in front of your date, should things go well.

With about 300 million users on Badoo, you can bet there are plenty of fish in the sea. But what makes this app special is its trick for ensuring you don’t net the odd catfish. Badoo’s unusual verification process has its users send a selfie of them in a unique pose. It’s not a mandatory feature, but getting verified can definitely help your chances... unless your celebrity lookalike happens to be Steve Buscemi.

Coffee Meets Bagel
If you’re looking for something more long-term, Coffee Meets Bagel offers up a daily match with all the wholesome quality and convenience of that first coffee of the morning. This app prides itself on creating meaningful connections between people by way of profiles that are more in-depth than your average dating app, giving users a better sense of their matches. That said, if things aren’t going too well, you can always uncomfortably ignore your admirer and wait for tomorrow’s match.

Apps to use this Valentine's Day

Looking for someone to keep you on track with your new year’s health goals? Sweatt is a dating app for fitness junkies, who are looking for that special someone, with whom they can make memories and gains! This app will find you a romantic gym buddy with the same fitness level as you, right down to your preferred workouts, gym frequency, and diet. Perhaps not ideal for your average couch potato, whose idea of the perfect fitness date is a romantic walk to KFC.

If you’re too busy living to get a life, the proudly South African dating app, Predict, offers an "instant” feature that lets you indicate when you are free for a date. What’s more is you can also hedge your bets with a compatibility questionnaire, which will ensure you are only matched with people who share your intentions and values. If blind dates appeal to your sense of adventure, this quick and convenient app could be just what the love doctor ordered. And who knows - Mr Right Now could turn out to be Mr Right after all.

If these apps somehow don’t do the trick, just remember this last piece of handy dating advice from your buddy, Phil: "Roses are red, violets are blue, vodka is cheaper than dinner for two.”

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