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28 Sep 13
Visit www.phonefinder.co.za to find the best cellular solution in South Africa |Need to find the best cell phone deal? Let Phonefinder do the work.South Africa has one of the largest mobile phone markets in the world. With over 29 million mobile phones in circulation (and only 6 million personal computers) it is easy to see how cell phones have penetrated the South African mark...

01 Jan 00

Top 5 Mobile Games From Vodacom
01 Jan 00
Earlier this year, Vodacom announced the launch of its dedicated gaming platform, PlayInc, which features an extensive library of games available for a daily or weekly subscription. This subscription gives you access to games you would otherwise have to pay for on the Google Play store. Plus, most of the time, you won’t be expected to fork out extra coin for in-app purchases. No adverts interrupt...

01 Jan 00
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How To Use Your Smartphone To Fight Coronavirus Phishing Scams
01 Jan 00
Use Your Smartphone to Avoid Getting Infected!As South Africans grapple with the burgeoning COVID19 pandemic, many are concerned about what will happen next. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, here’s one more thing: Cyber hackers are using the outbreak to steal money from people like you and me—especially in a time when everyone’s online. COVID19 Has Created The ‘Perfect Storm’ For Coron...

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