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3 Phones Luke Cage Would Choose
13 Oct 16

Luke Cage Phil Phonefinder
Which superhero phone would Luke Cage use? 

Luke Cage is the latest character to get his own Netflix show, and from early ratings it looks like Luke Cage is going to dominate your T.V watching hours! 

Luke Cage is a wrongly accused man who is sent to prison and (though a botched experiment) is given super-strength and durability. Now a man who is literally tougher than nails he is set to become a superhero for the streets. 

This got Phonefinder thinking: If Luke Cage is made to be super tough then what phone would he choose? It would need to be manufactured for strength, with protection against shock, water, high temperatures, and vibration. 

Luke Cage would need a rugged phone, and we have the top 3 rugged phones listed below. 

Don’t let the word rugged confuse you, by this we mean that these phones are your superheroes: pretty much unbreakable, strong and brave. 

Meet your top three superpower phones: 

CAT S60 
Created by Caterpillar, a brand well known for its construction machinery, the CAT S60 is a one of a kind smartphone-hero. 

Cat s60 Deals

Real name: CAT S60 
Camera: 13MP 
Dimensions: 147.9 (h) x 73.4 (w) x 12.7 mm (d) 
Weight: 223g 
Released: 2016 
Abilities: Tested to withstand six-foot drops, and 16 foot submersion in water, this phone is dust-proof, and can handle temperatures from -25 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius.
Superpower: Built-in thermal imaging camera. 

S60 Cat phone deals

Verykool RX2 
Rock Famous for creating very capable rugged smartphones, this superhero smartphone is created from its xTREME line. 

Verykool RX2

Real name: Verykool RX2 Rock 
Camera: 13MP 
Dimensions: 137.16 (h) x 69.85 (w) x 14.98 (d) mm 
Weight: 223g 
Released: 2016 
Abilities: Able to be used with gloves, with a 13MP camera and LED flash, this phone can record a 720p video. With its superior camera, and duel SIM card slots, this phone is great for whatever world you live in. 
Superpower: This phone can last 60 minutes underwater - up to five meters. 


Kyocera DuraForce E6560 
One of the most popular, rugged super-phones. The DuraForce E6560 is now famously unlocked, and ready to save you no matter where you are in the world. 

Kyocera DuraForce E6560

Real name: Kyocera DuraForce E6560 
Camera: 13MP 
Dimensions: 136.9 (h) x 70.6 (w) x 14.0 (d) mm 
Weight: 200g 
Released: 2014 
Abilities: Able to handle water immersion up to 30 minutes, the touchscreen can be operated when wet or with gloves. Certified against shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, blowing rain, salt fog, and dust. This smartphone also predicts changes in weather 
Superpower: With duel microphone noise cancellation, this little hero sends vibrations directly to the eardrum, so that you can use it even if the background noise is up to 100 decibels. 


Saving the day and your (mobile) world, you’ll never again have to worry about; keeping in touch while climbing a building, typing a text on a cracked screen, placing your phone in a bowl of rice, or dropping it in red sand. These phones are designed with superhero standards, especially for you.

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