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4 Tablets You Can Own For Less Than R5 Per Day
13 Mar 16
If you’ve ever wanted to own a tablet, but thought it was too expensive, this blog post is for you. 

As tech companies scramble for a piece of the ever-growing (and massively appealing) SA consumer pie, you can be assured of one thing – the price of smart devices will continue to drop and deals will become more and more competitive. Everyone is vying for your business and that’s lekker news for anyone who wants to own a cool smart phone or snazzy tablet, but couldn’t because the price point was too high. 

This week’s Phonefinder blog post is about 4 tablets you can take home for less than R5 per day. So if you were under the misguided illusion that owning a tablet was a costly affair, the good news is that you were wrong. 

Let’s face it, tablets are super handy to have around, especially if you have kids, right? Sure, they are never going to replace our laptops, for serious work we need to knock out, but because they lend themselves to being mobile, activities like surfing the net during Sunday afternoon sofa time, or picking up some email while you commute to work and back, are just a couple of examples of why tablets are still in such high demand. And let’s not discount the value of popping a tablet in the hands of a child to buy you an hour’s respite. Can you put a Rand value on that? 

Let’s have a look at a few tablet deals you can apply for right now, that aren’t going to break the bank. 

1. AG Chrome Go-Tab 7inch – R149p/m 

There’s lots to like about this Cell C SmartData deal at R149p/m. Not only do you get 500MB per month surf time, but the device itself boasts some nice features. It runs off Android (KitKat), on a nifty 1,3G Quadcore CPU, has a great 7 inch 1024*800 display with a 5.0Mp camera (you can record video). Bluetooth & WiFi are standard when it comes to connectivity and you get 5 days’ standby time (which is awesome because nobody likes a device that dies a slow death every other hour). 

AG Chrome Tab Contract
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2. AG Go-Tab Access 7inch – R89p/m 

Let’s call this the Go-Tab’s baby brother. If you consider that you get the device and 500MB per month on this Cell C deal, it’s just about impossible to believe that it only comes in at R89pm. But don’t be fooled by the price, the AG Go-Tab Access has some features to boot. Just like the AG Chrome Go-Tab (the bigger brother), the Access is supported by Android (KitKat), runs on a Dual-Core 1.3GHz Processor, has 20 days’ standby time and rocks a 2.0MP camera (and it also records). If you’ve ever wanted to get your kids using an inexpensive tablet, you have to go a long, long way to beat this deal. 

AG GO Tab Access Deals
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3. ZTE 7inch – R129p/m 

At R20p/m cheaper than the AG Chrome Go-Tab, you can get the ZTE 7inch tablet with Cell C at R129p/m. You get 500MB per month to zoot around on the internet with, it runs on Android 4.0 with a Qualcomm processor and has a 7inch display (800*480). A camera is included along with flash slot (supports up to 32GB) 

ZTE Tablet Deals
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4. Mobicel Solo 7inch – R149p/m 

Last, but certainly not least, is the Mobicel Solo 7inch tablet. At the exact same price point as the AG Chrome Go-Tab 7inch, you can get this delightful piece of technology for R149p/m via Cell C, but the kicker is the additional 500MB data score. This deal comes with 1.0 GB data, so Rand for Rand you’re getting more value on the data side of things. How does the tablet fair when it comes to specifications? It’s supported by Android (4.2.2) with a DualCore 1.2 Ghz processor and 4GB Ram (which is nice). They’ve also thrown in a 5.0MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front camera for your snapping pleasure. 

Mobicel Solo Tablet Deals on Contract
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Until next time 

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