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5 Gadgets for a Smart Home Controlled with your Smart Phone
02 Mar 18

5 Gadgets for a Smart Home Controlled with your Smart Phone

As the years tick on, more and more of our wildest dreams becoming a reality. We’ve gone from pretty basic cell phones, to high tech and extremely capable smart phones. And in this new world even more power and control is unleashed on our homes when combining three ingredients: A Smart Phone, A few Smart Gadgets and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. When combined, we get a smart home, the likes of which are straight out of a movie. 

We’ve chosen 5 gadgets to use with your smart phone and Wi-Fi for a smart home that will blow you away! 

Sky Bell 

Every time the doorbell rings, it means someone has to get up and see who’s at the door. This can prove to be a real problem, especially when the game or your favourite series is on and means you’ll miss some of it. 

With Sky Bell, those hassles are over! When you set up a Sky Bell, you will be given the opportunity to approve different smart phones that will then be able to receive alerts everytime someone rings your doorbell. Once an alert is received and accepted, you will be able to see and speak to the person at the door using your phone. 

Emberlight Socket 

This simple but effective smart gadget is what all homes need to experience a taste of the future. It screws into a normal light socket and you can then screw in normal light bulbs into the Emberlight. 

So what makes this so special? Well once screwed in, you simply download the accompanying app to your smart phone and you will now be able to control your lights with your phone. You will never need a light switch again, well not unless your phone dies. 

Blink Home Security Camera 

A truly wireless home security solution, Blink is unlike other camera systems in that it is completely battery powered. That’s right AA batteries are what powers this smart gadget for up to two years, which brings us to what makes it so smart? 

Along with being wireless and battery powered, Blink connects to your Wi-Fi and smart phone to give you complete peace of mind when you’re not around. If any motion is detected, Blink will instantly send you alerts with video and audio. If you just want to check in at home, you can view a live video stream with audio as well. The best part about Blink is that it is weather proof making it a good choice for interior and exterior protection. 

Dog’s Training Barking Mat 

For all the pet lovers that simply cannot come to terms with their beloved furry friend living outside, because well, they’re part of the family. Dog’s Training Barking Mat can help you avoid unnecessary accidents around your home if you know what we mean. 

Connecting to your smart phone and placed at the door that your furry friend often uses for outside visits, your pet need only step onto the mat and you will receive a notification that it’s time to open that door. A cool feature of this smart mat is that should you miss the notification, the mat will start barking so your pooch doesn’t have to. Talk about smart ways for your pet to get your attention. 

Wi-Fi Garden State Tracker 

If you have a green thumb, you know that the state of your garden is often on your mind. You want to ensure the soil is just right, that your plants are getting enough water and all is going well generally in your precious garden. 

With the Wi-Fi Garden State tracker, all that is taken care off for you. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the app on your smart phone and you’re all set to be in the loop with everything going on outside with notifications straight to your smart phone.

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