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5 Unique Cell Phone Accessories You’ll Want to Get Immediately
05 Feb 18

Unique Cell Phone Accessories

These day’s it’s not just cell phones that are smart and make life easier, there are cell phone accessories that can help you out too. Some of the more unique accessories may have you thinking to yourself "Really?!” but given the chance you’d probably be quite surprised at how useful these can be. We’ve found 5 accessories that could either make your day or at the very least give you things to talk about at your next braai! 


Mokase Espresso

You’re at the mall, waiting for a friend who is running late. The Coffee Shop looks tempting but it’s full and you’ve just found a seat on a bench that you can’t risk losing, so a cuppa to go is out of the question. Not to worry, the Mokase might be exactly what you need in moments like that! 

It’s a phone case that can make a single espresso at a time, you know for emergency situations. Mokase uses wafer thin espresso cartridges and an app communicates your caffeine craving to the case itself. Your coffee is then heated up and once ready, just flip open the nozzle and pour into the space saving pop-up cup that comes with the Mokase and can double as a keyring when folded. Rest assured Mokase is heatproof so your smartphone will be safe. 

The Dot Braille Smartwatch

Dot Braille Smartwatch 

A cell phone accessory with substance, that’s how we would describe the Dot Braille Smartwatch. It is designed for the visually impaired and makes it possible to truly enjoy a Smartwatch experience using Braille. The watch delivers notifications to the user through motorized modules that work individually, with enough space to display four Braille characters at a time. The Dot also comes with a vibration motor, touch sensor and it is Bluetooth enabled, standard in terms of Smartwatch features. Last but not least, it can tell the time too! 


Wrapster Earbuds Organizer 

A simple yet effective accessory if you’ve ever reached into your bag for earphones and pulled out a tangled mess instead. Wrapster is a durable plastic earbud organiser that consists of two plastic tubes and a central bar. Each earbud fits in a tube and the rest of the cord is then wrapped around the central bar. Say goodbye to tangled earbuds for good. As a nice little extra, when not in use, the Wrapster can double as a stand for your phone in landscape mode. 

Ohm Wireless Speaker

Ohm Wireless Speaker and Charging Dock 

We all love wireless speakers, until it’s time to charge it which requires a charging cable. That doesn’t have to be the case with the Ohm Wireless Speaker and Charging Station. The Ohm uses QI inductive charging technology and by simply being placed on the charging station ensures you’ll have a charged up speaker ready to go. The bonus is that if you have a QI charging enabled phone, you’ll be able to use the charging station that as well as the speaker. The sound quality is another highlight of the Ohm, with excellent audio capabilities that allude to the designers of the Ohm going for a form and function approach which can be quite rare these days. 

MEEM Memory

MEEM Memory 

With smartphones the option to charge and backup your data simultaneously is possible, but that’s if you’re plugged in to a computer, backing your phone up. The other option is if you’re plugged into a wall socket using a plug and backing up to a cloud or using an app. But, what if you were able to back up your phone data every time you plug in to charge, without doing anything else? That’s exactly what the MEEM charging and auto backup cable does. The MEEM is capable of backing up three phones on the cable, it is a physical backup rather than a cloud backup and works on both iOS and Android platforms.

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