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5 Uses For Your Mobile Data That You Will Never Regret
04 Jul 18

5 Uses for Mobile Data


This has got to be one of the best things about owning a smart phone these days. For the most part people don’t like reading, choosing games, music, social media and a host of other activities to occupy themselves with before picking up a book. Now you can just download an audiobook and sit back, relax and revel in the fact that you’re actually technically being a book worm with a technological twist! 

Free Courses 

What better way to improve yourself and your skills than with a course that ties in with your passion, your job or maybe just a hobby? In today’s world, with all the access we have to information and resources like free courses we’d be silly not to take full advantage of it all. Unlike social media that depletes your data but doesn’t really add value back into your life, by using your data on free courses, your future self will thank you and your data would have been used wisely. 


A good way to expand your mind while getting together with likeminded people is webinars. You see these amazing resources born on the internet, allow you to get into a room, albeit digital, with people from all around the world that share a common desire to learn more or improve themselves and with webinars everyone can do this from their own home. 

How to Video’s 

Gone are the days when we can say that we don’t know how to get something done. Thanks to the likes of Youtube, there is a video for basically everything you need know or do. Need to change a tyre, fix a light switch, clean your sneakers, cook a meal, and apply make-up and more, well there’s a video for that! And you get the added benefit of picking up a new skill! 

Planning your Next holiday 

We all know how long and tiring the year can be. Between work and sitting in traffic for hours at a time, not forgetting the crack of dawn wake ups required, we need time to unwind and relax. Planning a holiday actually gets the ball rolling in terms of starting to unwind and relax, because you’ll find yourself feeling a lot calmer just by planning it all. And even if you use up all your data bouncing from site to site and looking at pictures, videos and accommodation options, you won’t mind when you’re on a beach soaking up the sun!

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