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5 Educational Apps To Help You Smash Your Exams
29 May 19

5 Study apps

Have exams got you pulling your hair out? If you’ve had to resort to googling "how to study for exams” then you may need these 5 educational mobile phone apps to help you survive exam season.

With Prof Phil’s guide to study apps, you can "app” your marks and crack that distinction every time – class is now in session.



Evernote is the world’s favourite note-taking app and that is no exaggeration. Despite its simplicity, this app has a lot more going for it that you might think. Aside from the actual note-taking element, Evernote allows you to set reminders and save important links. 

This app also has the ability to translate a handwritten text or a section from a webpage into a "note”. You also have the option to add links and images as well as format them in whatever way suits you, e.g. checklists, headings, etc. You never have to worry about losing your notes, since Evernote includes online backup and sync services. 

However, the free version of this app limits the amount of storage you may use each month.



This app could put your Kindle to shame. Scribd prides itself on being the most extensive reading subscription service, offering its members access to bestselling ebooks and audiobooks as well as magazines, newspapers and academic journals. 

You can access your Scribd account on your computer as well as your smartphone with the Scribd app. 

While there are a number of ebooks, journals, and documents available for free, a low, monthly fee gets you access to the full library of resources to keep you informed and entertained during exams or over the holidays.



There are a number of revision apps available to help you cram for that next exam, but few offer a selection of exam-busting tools quite like GoConqr. 

This app describes itself as a social learning programme offering tools for immersive learning. With the app, you can take notes, create mind maps, flashcards and flowcharts, practice your know-how with free online quizzes, and create more engaging presentations with a handy slides maker tool. 

This app can help you prep for your exams at university, build any extra skills your want to build up in your spare time, and get ahead at your first job.

Duolingo / Memrise

Duolingo / Memrise

Taking a language course or need to brush up your speaking skills in an additional language? It may be cheating, but there are two amazing apps that deserve a spot on this list. 

Both apps promise an education in rich language skills that can serve you in the everyday as you interact with new and native language speakers or visit a foreign country. These apps also "gamify” the experience by prompting you to stay motivated, change up the methods of learning the language of your choice and testing your progress. 

The only difference is that Duolingo is free, while you have to pay a monthly subscription for the more hands-on learning experience you get from Memrise.



This boiling pot of learning and teaching has bubbled over into the convenient realm of smartphone apps. Udemy is an organisation dedicated to spreading learning opportunities to anyone with a decent WiFi connection or a good data contract. Learn anything from finance to marketing to design to language from experts working in those very fields. 

Take your studies out of the ivory tower and into your mobile phone with courses to kick your skillset up a notch that you can complete on your own time. 

Not only can this bolster your knowledge at university (because, let’s face it, your lecturer doesn’t care as much about you passing as you do), but you can also come back to old courses and pick up new tricks as you bust into the working world after varsity.


Final Word From Phill

These apps should see you through this exam season and beyond. For a smartphone that can get you through varsity, check out Phonefinder and get amazing mobile phone contract deals from Telkom, Cell C, MTN, and more.

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