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5 Self Care Apps To Keep Up Your Motivation
06 Jun 19

5 Self care apps

For all your good intentions, there is always getting in the way of reaping the benefits of all those resolutions you spun at the beginning of the year. Is work sapping your motivation? Or is your social life hampering your efforts at self-development? Maybe as you wrap up for winter, you’re forgetting that you’ll have to strip all those layers off again in summer. Whether you’re looking to get into a regular exercise routine, drink more water, get to bed by midnight, or read a new book each week, these apps can fire up your motivation once more and get you back on track with your personal development goals.



You need a change, but you can’t face the task on your own. Learn how to wear out old habits and build up better ones with an app that delivers motivation and tangible steps to a better you. On your journey of personal development, you can count on Coach.me’s massive community for accountability and motivation to keep going. This app even offers the opportunity for users to get their own private coach to support them in pursuing their individual goals. Select a goal, track your progress, earn rewards for keeping up, and lean on the Coach.me community for support and encouragement.

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Here’s one for those of us, who can’t afford to meet regularly with a therapist. Youper is essentially an AI assistant that helps you make sense of your life and emotions by allowing you to log and analyse your thoughts and emotions through in-app conversations. After a few conversations with this clever, little bot, you will start to figure out how to manage your emotional and mental health – what triggers certain responses, what you can do to manage your anxiety, how you can react differently to trying situations. Youper starts out by asking how you’re doing. Once you’ve recorded your emotions and answered a few more questions, it offers you options for guided meditation and thought processing. Now, tell me: How does that make you feel?

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Make Me Better


We can’t all be perfect, but of course there’s an app for that. Make Me Better offers its users daily personality-development tips, inspirational quotes, guidelines for self-help, encouraging stories, and productivity pointers. If you’re good about checking on this app at least once a day, you can improve on skills like communication, goal-setting, introspection, and building good habits to improve your mental and physical health. If you’re looking to head down the path of self-improvement, throw out your self-help books today and download this app for free!

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Personality development has a new name and that name is Remente. This vaguely Italian-sounding app offers users tools and courses to help you live la dolce vita. The self-development app is full of tools that can help you learn to be organised and productive, while equipping you with the skills to become a goal- and action-oriented champion. Aside from a wide variety of resources like courses and articles, you get access to tools to help improve your productivity and habits, such as a goal-setting guide, day planner, mood journal, and life assessment tool to help you set your priorities.

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Way Of Life


At the beginning of the year, you thought you were set to nail your new year’s resolution. You’d bought the gym membership, the equipment, but six months later and your resolve has fizzled out. Way of Life will never let you get away with that kind of complacency again. This app reminds you to pursue your goals on a daily or weekly basis, while also letting you take notes, archive completed goals, and displaying your progress to keep you fired up as you go.

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Final word from Phil

Best of luck reaching for your goals with these awesome apps! If, however, the couch-potato life is for you (or your current life goals include binging all eight seasons of Game of Thrones), consider checking out some epic data deals from Cell C, Telkom and other major service providers. What can I say: Phonefinder has something for everyone!

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