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5 Ways You Can Make Your Battery Last Longer
03 Oct 17

5 Ways You Can Make Your Battery Last Longer

We love our Smartphones and all the things it does for us. We get to stay connected with friends and family, take awesome pictures, play games and so much more. All these things can take its toll on our batteries though, so keeping them healthy to make sure our Smartphones function at their best should be at the top of our lists. These tips will help you do just that! 

Uninstall Apps You Don’t Use

At any given time, there are easily a good few apps on our Smartphones that have gone unused for some time. FOMO might be the culprit that keeps us from deleting them or we just completely forget about them. We may not use these apps, but they’re using our battery life. For the sake of our beloved Smartphones, the best thing to do would be to delete these unused apps. Your battery will thank for this and so will the apps you actually use regularly. 

Switch off GPS

One of the biggest battery drainers is the GPS on our Smartphones. This comes in really handy because now we’re able to use our Smartphones to navigate, but when we’re not doing that, then our battery is being depleted unnecessarily. A simple solution here, would be to turn off GPS or location services when not needed, if you need to use maps you will be prompted to turn on the GPS again. 

Enable Power Saving Mode

The good people that make our Smartphones knew exactly what we would need, so they gave us a power saving mode. Enable this feature from the settings menu and you’ll be well on your way to saving power and doing more with your Smartphone for longer. It’s really that easy! 

Dim Screen

Most of us tend to have our screen set to its brightest. Not only is this not the best idea in the evenings, if you love your sleep, but it also uses up our battery’s power. Another quick fix where our Smartphones settings hold the answer, simply find the option for screen brightness and select the auto brightness option. At first it may seem a bit dark and you’ll find yourself tempted to manually adjust the screens brightness, but don’t, your eyes just need to readjust. 

Occasionally Let Your Battery Die

How often do you really let your Smartphone die? Not at all if you can help it is probably the answer and you would actually be doing the right thing. Letting Smartphones completely die all the time can be bad for the battery health, but occasionally is great. Also, try to avoid charging all the way to 100%. This is damaging to the battery rather than doing in good.

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