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Vodacom Video Play
27 Jun 19

Vodacom Video Play

With all the amazing streaming services on offer these days, there’s never been a better time to invest in a great data deal for your mobile phone or your portable Wi-Fi router. Like MTN and Cell C, Vodacom has also been making waves among its users with a bouquet of streaming options, better known as Vodacom Video Play. Phonefinder is the place for finding epic data contract deals in general, including Vodacom data deals in particular. Get the scoop on this exciting entertainment offering from Vodacom with Phil!

Vodacom Play is Vodacom’s take on mobile TV, which allows its users to watch the latest blockbuster films and series from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood as well as get top of the pops music hits, thanks to Vodacom’s partnerships with DSTV Now, Showmax, Zaplium, and My Muze. You can also access subscription content around Health and Fitness, Faith and Religion, Cooking, First Aid, and much, much more. This streaming service will make recommendations based on your viewing history, ensuring you get entertainment options tailor-made for your viewing pleasure.

Vodacom makes sure that you get what you pay for. You can buy either a Premium package, which gives you access to everything this service has to offer, or a Micro Package, which allows you to choose a limited variety of your favourite shows. Both of these packages give you flexible pricing options for daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions. 

Download Vodacom Video Play app for Android and iOS today for hours of affordable entertainment on any computer or smart device!

What to stream

What to watch

Being Mary Jane

BET’s first hour-long, scripted drama series centres around the eponymous Mary Jane, a successful cable news anchor taking on the world with a closet full of designer clothes and the house, car and overall lifestyle to go with it. But she figures out that this just isn’t enough; what’s a wonderful life without wonderful loved ones to share it with? Thus, begins Mary’s journey to self-discovery and happy family life. Watch all four seasons, plus the two-hour finale film on Vodacom Video Play – the best way to binge this weekend.

War and Peace

You can always count on the BBC to bring your favourite literary classics to life. This masterpiece tackles the Russian epic that is Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. The story takes place in 1805, in the wake of Napoleon Bonaparte’s declaration of war against Russia and follows the lives of three Russian aristocrats, each pursuing their own ideals, in a time of military conflict and strict social pressures.


Watch as work-obsessed Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (powerfully acted by the incredible Idris Elba) slowly becomes consumed by the darkness of the crimes he investigates beneath the glossy, metropolitan paradise of London. Luther brings together the ingenuity of Sherlock Holmes and the witty resourcefulness of Columbo and coats the whole combo with the grey spaces between the hard lines of good and evil as he goes after the man, who killed his wife.


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