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The Best Camera Apps to Make Anyone Feel Like a Pro Photographer
04 Jun 18

Camera Apps To Make You Feel Pro

If you’re like many other Smart Phone owners, you’ll want to make the best of your phones camera right. It goes without saying that these days having a Smart Phone and not using it as much as you can is like owning a Ferrari and not driving it. 

With all the choices in apps that can take your current Smart Phone Camera from Amazing to WOW, it can be hard to choose the app for you. Luckily Phil has done all the sifting, heavy lifting and testing, and he’s narrowed down the list to bring you his choice of the best camera apps. 

Camera FV-5

If you need to go pro than you’re going to want all the bits and bobs of a DSLR, because well that’s how the pro’s do it. Camera FV-5 has all that and more, including multiple formats supported, availability in 30 languages amongst other awesome features. 

OS: Android
Price: Free / R44,82
Get it on Google Play Store 

DSLR Camera Pro  

All your much needed manual controls can be found on this app, without it being too scary or too complicated to use. Like the name suggests, this app can definitely help you in your pro quest with your very DSLR camera in the palm of your hands. 

OS: Android
Price: R44,99
Get it on Google Play Store 

Manual Camera 

Getting that pro photographer feeling doesn’t get simpler than with this nifty app! It has the manual controls you need, but it’s the amazingly easy to use and understand nature of this app that is the real winner here. 

OS: Android
Price: R44,99
Get it on Google Play Store 

Snap Camera HDR  

Snap Camera HDR is what you need to get if you place yourself anywhere between being an amateur and a real serious photographer. There are manual camera controls, fun shooting modes, effects and colour effects to name a few that is sure to please everyone. 

OS: Android
Price: R27,57
Get it on Google Play Store 

Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ 

While getting an app can change your photography game, it is still not going to come close to the amazing camera on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + that needs no introduction, nor does it need an app. Shoot pictures in low light, slow down time, turn yourself into an emoji and so much more with this Smart Phone camera that certainly is "The Camera. Reimagined.” 

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