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Good News for Selfie Lovers, Camera Phones Are Still Evolving
16 Jul 18

Good News for Selfie Lovers, Camera Phones Are Still Evolving

We’ve reached a point where we may be fooled into thinking that all that can be done with Smart Phones has been done, especially on the camera front. Sure we have camera phones that produce amazing picture quality, but as many people may wonder what else could happen besides the quality getting better and better? 

Recently a new camera phone has come to light, and excuse the pun now for a few lines down. You see the phone isn’t just new as in the latest model. It’s a new kind of camera phone in its own right! This new picture taking monster of a phone from the company Light (see that’s the pun you excused earlier) comes with 9 lenses and a price to match, but, and there’s a big but; it can take up to 64 megapixel pictures compared to the current average of 12 megapixels. 

On the more normal front if we can call it that, there are the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei that have come to the party with picture taking beasts themselves. 

Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus had all their camera’s scoring well with DxOMark, a leader in image quality testing. The iPhone X managed an impressive score of 97 out 100. Stats and tests aside though, the camera’s on the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus are insane and take amazing pictures with their less than 9 lenses. 

Samsung too has been impressing the masses with their new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus which managed to pull one over on Apple’s iPhone X, scoring a record breaking 99 from DxOMark. As that score would suggest, you’re in for something pretty amazing with the camera on the S9 and S9 Plus, which have unbelievable low light capabilities. 

The point is, we may think that we’ve seen all there is to see from smart phones, but really it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smart Phones have many parts that make a whole and the brands we know and love will constantly innovate, which means we still have a long way to go in terms of what will be possible from these small, but powerful devices.

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