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Our New Fibre Comparison Service
12 Aug 19

Fibre comparison

Since launching in 2013, Phonefinder has been helping South African finding the best mobile phone deals for their pockets from leading service providers – Vodacom, Telkom, MTN, Cell C and more. Finding your best smartphone today has never been easier!

Phonefinder has seen tremendous growth in the form of 200,000 unique visitors per month, which translates into 100,000 phone applications, with 68% finding the cell phone deal of their dreams. In light of these positive developments, Phonefinder MD and founder, Lance Krom, is looking to introduce new services, this time aiming support local businesses as well as consumers. 

"In the next three months, we will be embarking on a re-branding strategy. This includes launching a new website, which will have a user-friendly interface to enable users to easily sign up. We will also be launching a fibre comparison service which will list all the fibre providers in SA. In addition to that, we will add a service that compares Internet business solutions from the main network providers.” 

This fibre-comparison service, which will be separate on Phonefinder.co.za, will help customers to find the best fibre deals based on their requirements. Users can compare prices, upload and download speeds, and free add-on offerings as well as many other features you can expect from a good fibre contract.

Fibre, notes Krom, is much easier to compare than most cellphone offerings, since reviewing different fibre offerings is simpler than going through 12-month or 24-month mobile phone contracts across a vast spectrum of subscription packages. However, selling fibre is not without its obstacles. 

"One of the challenges around selling fibre is still the fibre cable installations throughout SA. However, because the fibre market is maturing quite quickly, this is becoming less of an issue. Price is also an important factor, as it is definitely cheaper than broadband or LTE. The majority of Internet users are still stuck on broadband and they need a bit of a push to move over to fibre.”

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