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Diamond Rings, Earrings and Now Smartphone Screens
06 Feb 18

Diamond Smartphone Screens

We all know that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there’s a company that wants diamonds to be smartphone owners’ best friend too. Forget tough as nails, imagine your smartphone screen being tough as Diamonds, which is the most durable natural substance known to man. 

Akhan Semiconductors are pushing the bar with their Mirage Diamond Glass and if they have their way then we’ll all be better off for it. The CEO of the company says that the glass will be stronger and harder than any other seen before. The glass will be made from laboratory-diamonds and can be used together with existing screen durability accessories like Gorilla Glass. All that means smartphones with Mirage Diamond Glass screens could be nearly unbreakable when used together when used with Gorilla Glass. 

The new technology still has some ways to go before being available to the market. Currently the Mirage Diamond Glass is being tested to ensure it is sufficiently capable of transmitting electrical signals so that no lag is present and that touch screen capabilities function well and is responsive. Strength tests are also being conducted to ensure the durability of the Mirage Diamond Glass. 

Due to the cost to manufacture, it is Diamonds after all, the new screen technology may first see the light of day on a flagship device. Akhan Semiconductors are currently testing the new screen technology with device manufacturers, however everything is being kept under wraps for now.

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