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The End of the Samsung S Series and What Happens Next
13 Feb 18

Samsung S Series Rumours

Since 2010, we’ve all become quite familiar with the Samsung S Series brand. For many it was the sign of a reliable phone that people around the world came trust. This year will see the ninth edition being added to this family, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ set to launch at the end of February 2018. 

In just over a year from now, the Samsung Galaxy S10 would have been the likely candidate that many smartphone fans and even more so Samsung fans would have been expecting. It seems Samsung may have other plans though. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 would have been the tenth edition in the S Series, but rumours are rife and there may not be a S10 after all. Instead, Samsung might be leaning towards a new start and if these rumours are to be believed, next year could see the Samsung Galaxy X take centre stage. 

Apparently Samsung may do this in an attempt to get rid of "clunky” naming. After giving this some thought it is easy to see their logic here. While the S Series naming served its purpose well and was easily rolled off the tongue up until the soon to be launched S9, going forward however, something like S17 may not be as easy. 

There is a potential hiccup though, as the long rumoured Samsung Foldable phone was pegged to get the Galaxy X naming. This could not be such an issue though, as the new naming could always follow the Galaxy X, Galaxy X Plus and Galaxy Foldable scheme. While all these remain as rumours for now, we could get some confirmation come the end of February when the Mobile Tech giant takes to the world’s stage to launch the Galaxy S9. If however, we are kept in the dark, we’ll just have to wait for more rumours, because as has been the case with past Samsung leaks and rumours, the truth eventually sneaks out.

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