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Everything You Need to Know about Podcasts and Where to Find Them
27 Jul 18

All About Podcasts

The best part about owning a smart phone these days, besides the insanely cool and futuristic features, has got to be the never-ending content and entertainment. From memes, to games, to movies, to apps, the list goes on and we all enjoy at least one of these entertainment options but not all. In this post we decided it was time to bring you over to the podcast side or at least try to. 

So what is a Podcast? 

Simply put a podcast is an audio program, like a radio show. They can be created by basically anyone using just a smartphone or with more professional equipment, but the end goal remains constant; to entertain you! 

What are Podcasts about? 

That’s the best part, they can be about absolutely anything. The creator of the podcast will decide what topic to use and it’s usually something that fascinates them. Some common formats however do include interviews, music shows, serialized reporting, comedy and fiction to name a few. 

Where can you find podcasts? 

There are apps you can download like Pocket Casts and Castbox, which give you access you libraries of podcasts covering a multitude of topics. You can also find them on streaming services like Spotify, iTunes and TuneIn Radio, but also all over the web with a simple search. 

Can you make your own Podcast? 

Yes! That’s the beauty of Podcasts, anyone can make one with basic equipment. By basic we’re talking about as little as your smartphone. 

So don’t let this trend pass you by unnoticed, go out and find a podcast you really like, there’s bound to be one out there waiting for you to enjoy. And If you’re feeling really inspired, consider starting your own podcast!

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