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Google Assistant Just Changed the Game in a Big Way
11 May 18

Google Assistant

While we all lived our lives, casually going about our business, Google has been hard at work. This week we got to see how hard Google actually worked and it sure is impressive. The latest from the Silicon Valley giant is an incredible update on their Google Assistant and other Google services that will be rolled out in stages.

Forget about robotically voiced assistants that only respond to specific commands. Google wants this process to be as fluid as possible and with the help of different technologies that the company has been working on that are now coming together, the new Google Assistant will support natural conversation, dropping the need for the well-known "Hello/Hey Google”.

The assistant will also be capable of understanding complex sentence structures, which means that you can speak to it as if you would a real person. And, because Google knows that kids tend to find it amazing but are often demanding and so they’ve added a new feature called "Pretty Please” which will help kids maintain their manners while using the assistant.

We could go on and on about how amazing this new update is and what a game changer it will surely be in terms of the day to day technology we use, but we would rather let the new Google Assistant technology speak for itself (no pun intended).

Here's a video of the Google Assistant in action!

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