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How Have Smart Phones Made Life Better?
01 Mar 18

How Have Smart Phones Made Life Better?

Every day we use our smart phones without so much as a thought to how they’ve made our lives better. We take for granted the ease with which we are able to do certain things thanks to these amazing devices in our pockets and purses. 

Life was a lot different in the 90’s compared to the 2000’s and we thought it would be fun to point out just how much. Yes, things were definitely simpler back then, but in our new fast paced world, simpler still exists, it’s just better and faster. 

We looked at these 5 ways in which smart phones have changed the game. 


In the 90’s simply having a cell phone was a big deal! It wasn’t the most accessible technology and if you did have one you were restricted by what you could do, although it never really felt that way. Texting didn’t really exist, but SMS did and it was all the rage. 

These days we’re completely spoiled for choice. We have more messaging options than we have time to use. There’s Whatsapp of course, WeChat, Apple Messenger and even email at our disposal, with the list going on for days. We now have emoji’s to convey basically every emotion and things are so quick and efficient we can even see when our messages were read. 


One of the core features of cell phones in the 90’s was making and receiving calls, it was the biggest selling point to getting a cell phone. It meant you could be mobile and you were reachable almost anywhere and at any time. Well almost, you see network coverage was still in its growing phase and you weren’t guaranteed signal everywhere. There were also the hassles of calls not going through because the network was busy. Christmas and New Year’s being notorious times of the year for this to happen. 

Fast forward to the 2000’s and as the networks footprint grew, so did the ability to actually truly be mobile. These days, except for businesses which still use landlines, most people make and receive calls to and from their smart phones. Our options for how we make calls have also increased, with Whatsapp Calls, Video Calls thrown in the mix. 


Remember the good old days of Snake? Of course you do because that was basically all we had available. Games were never the main reason for getting a cell phone and considering the green screens with pixels that made up everything that appeared on screen, any games that could be created were limited. 

Smart phones today are packed full of features, which means we are now able to choose a phone based on what we want it to do. Full colour screens and advanced graphics have given rise to smart phone gaming as an actual pass time and there are tons of games to choose from. And yes, Snake has been remade for the smart phones of today, so there’s some nostalgia at least. 


Back in the 90’s taking pictures with your phone was unheard of, simply because it was not possible at all. You definitely needed a camera for that, yes an actual camera. Then there was the fact that in order to see those photos we would have to take the roll of film to be developed and once all that was said and done, we’d see the final product. More often than not the final product wasn’t worth the wait. 

Today, a smart phone means we can take pictures with our phones built in camera, which provides 100 times the quality than the cameras we used to use. Selfies also came into existence and with these better pictures we’re taking we can instantly share them with friends and family at the click of button on our touch screen displays. 


How much fun is going to the bank and standing in line? Not fun at all, but in the 90’s we had no other choice. Internet was an added expense and made that annoying dial up sound, not to mention how sluggish it was. The internet was also tiny in comparison to its current size and therefore put limits on what could be done with it. Apps simply didn’t exist so there’s that as well. 

With smart phones we have all access to a world where the language spoken is possibilities. There is so little that we can’t do just using a smart phone. Banking? No problem, there’s apps for that! Apps, well need we say more. And internet? Ditto! 

We need only take some time and give it a thought and the writing is on the wall when it comes to how these little devices have changed our lives. So how much better have smart phones made our lives? The answer is simple, in more ways than we could imagine!

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