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How to Netflix and Chill with your Smartphone
20 Jul 18

Netflix and Chill with your Smartphone

You may be one of those people that look on with envy as friends, family or colleagues strike up a chat about the hottest show on Netflix at the moment. According to you, Netflix means having Wi-Fi at home and that’s just not something your pocket can handle right now. The other side of that coin is that Netflix is a subscription service and currently priced in dollars, which means the price is subject to the current exchange rate. Then there’s the Smart TV you think you need. The list just goes on and on. 

We know, all that sounds awfully expensive, there just has to be another way though and you’re in luck because there is! Keep reading below to find out exactly how you can Netflix and Chill with your Smartphone

First Things First 

You will need to download the Netflix app. The app is completely free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once complete proceed to the next step below. 

Netflix Subscription 

At the time of writing this, the exchange rate was R13.33 to the dollar. Assuming you select the basic plan at $7,99pm that would cost you R106.51 a month. This plan lets you watch everything Netflix has to offer on 1 screen in standard definition as well as download to 1 phone or tablet. That’s what we call unlimited viewing pleasure! There are other plans to choose from, so pick your poison so to speak and set up your profile. Once you do this you will receive a free 1 month trial, which you can cancel at any time, thereafter you will be billed according to the plan you chose. Now you’re all set up, Netflix can be accessed immediately. 

The Wi-Fi/Data Question 

Hurdles for many people seems to be data and Wi-Fi or rather the lack thereof. Not to worry though we have that covered, just visit Phonefinder and choose from the many amazing data deals we have on offer! When you find one you like simply apply and one of service provider partners will be in touch and before you know it you’ll be good to go.

Stream or Download, You Choose 

Netflix has a cool feature that is sure to become your most favourite ever; the ability to temporarily download shows to watch offline. Simply find a show or shows you really like and download the episodes you would like to watch while you’re in Wi-Fi range (at work or a coffee shop, etc) or you can stream with your amazing data deal you found on Phonefinder. Netflix knows data has become an important factor for many so you can go into your profile and choose the streaming quality you prefer based on the data usage you’re comfortable with. 

Possibly the Most Important Part 

Now that you’re all set with the Netflix part, it’s time to get down to the Chill! You’ll need to make sure you’re covered in the snacks department, because well nothing tastes better than fresh popcorn and a movie or series! Next if you want to, and this is totally up to you, invite your special someone over and let the Netflix and Chill commence! 

We hope this has helped you and that going forward you will be the one to get the conversation going about what’s hot on Netflix! Also, enjoy all the Chill!

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