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Make Your Next Party One to Remember With These Apps
05 Mar 18

Make Your Next Party One to Remember With These Apps

One of the best things to do with free time is spending it with friends and family. A braai always does the trick and hits the spot, but once everything’s ready and appetites are satisfied you’ll need something to keep the good times rolling. 

Sure conversation is great, but these apps for your smartphone can be even better! Yes, that’s right. We’ve found some amazing apps that will ensure your guests have a blast and everyone leaves with some fun memories that will last forever. 


If you’ve ever played Heads Up or watched Ellen Degeneres have fun with her guests, then you will love Psych! The premise of this game is simple, try to psych out your friends. Let’s say you’re in the hot seat, you would choose from a list of fun categories. Next, the app will ask you a trivia question to which each of your friends will provide a fake answer. Your job is to not get psyched by choosing the correct answers amongst all the hilarious fake ones your friends submitted. Sounds fun, right! 

For every right answer, you get a point. For every time you psych a friend, you get a point. For even more of a challenge, you can add Ellen herself, well a bot version of her, to your game, rest assured it’s as funny as she is! 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free 

Off Limits 

Something like the old favourite 30 Seconds, Off Limits has an interesting and challenging twist! Your task should you choose to accept is to try and get your friends to guess a series of words by describing each word to them. 

Where’s the twist you may ask? Well, along with the words you’re given, you’re also given a list of words that you cannot use when describing. There’s that twist! Think you have what it takes, then test yourself and your friends word skills and find out who is the ultimate wordsmith. 

OS: iOS 

Price: Free 

Reverse Charades 

We’ve all played or at least heard of the classic party game Charades. But, being 2018 it’s time to take on a new challenge, and that’s Reverse Charades. Instead of one person having to act out a series of words for the team to guess, the roles are reversed! Now it’s the teams turn to act out the words while one person guesses. It may sound easy enough, until you actually get a group of friends and family together, then the hilarious and unforgettable times begin. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free on iOS and R10,73 on Android 

What Would You Choose 

If you’ve ever played "Would You Rather” then you’ll love this app. Instead of having to strain your brain trying to come up with funny "Would You Rather” scenarios, why not just let the app do it for you. 

The nice part about this app is that instead of competing for points and finding a winner, this is more of a conversation starter. Just imagine all the forced, but funny things you would find out about friends and family that simply must pick between ridiculous options of things they would rather do. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free 

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