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Essential Mobile USSD Codes
29 Apr 20

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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data! If that sounds like a foreign word to you, it shouldn’t since you most likely know it better as USSD.

USSD numbers are short codes which you dial into your cell phone to give you access to a variety of helpful features and services as part of your Network Service Provider’s services.

The services for these codes are often free (like sending a "Please Call Me” or transferring data to a mate).Below are Phonefinder’s list of key USSD numbers for South Africa’s top mobile service providers.

How to start a USSD session

To trigger a USSD session simply dial the supplied USSD code into your phone’s dialler. From there you will be given on screen instructions.

Vodacom USSD Codes

My Vodacom Services


Check Balances

(Pre-paid) *100#

(Contract) *111*502#

Recharge Pre-paid Account


Please Call Me

*140*mobile number#

Please Recharge Me

*140*02*mobile number#

Request your own mobile number


Data Bundle Transfer (Pre-paid)


Transfer Airtime to Another User


Airtime Advance



Master Menu


Check Balances


Buy Airtime/Data


Load Airtime/Data

*141*recharge PIN#

Request your own mobile number


Request Airtime from Another User

*141*6328*mobile number#

Transfer Airtime to Another User

*141*6328*mobile number*amount of airtime#

Please Call Me

*121*mobile number#



MTN Eazi Recharge


Cell C

Master Menu


Check Balance


Load airtime voucher


Request airtime from another Cell C user


Transfer airtime to another Cell C user


Request your own mobile number


Convert airtime to data bundles


Please Call Me

*111*mobile number#

Personalise "Please Call Me”


Block a lost SIM


How to block/check subscriptions


Telkom USSD Codes

Master Menu


Check Balance


Buy Airtime/Data


Request your own mobile number


Please Call Me

*140*mobile number#


Final Word From Phil

So, there you have it, folks! If you’re ever in a bind, may I remind you to refer to our lovely list of useful USSDs. Whether you need to request a data transfer or top up your own bundles (along with other handy mobile features), keep this list on hand.

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