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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed and This is What to Expect
06 Jul 18

New Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The most popular Smart Phone brand in the world is at it again. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled at a Samsung Unpacked event on 9 August 2018. While there is no confirmed release date for the newest phablet, you can still sink your teeth into all the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be offering to those that choose to get their hands on it and call it theirs. 


The Galaxy Note 9 will sport a larger display than that of its predecessor, coming in at 6.38inch, up from the Note 8’s 6.32inch display. No word yet on resolution, but rumour has it that if the Note 9 doesn’t have the same resolution as the Note 8, then a 4K display could be the other option. That means excellent display quality for all those movies, Youtube videos and of course presentations and emails if you’re the business minded. 


There are some improvements in the camera department expected in the Galaxy Note 9. It’s quite likely that the new phablet will come with a horizontal dual camera setup at the back and provide the same amazing picture quality that has made the new Samsung Galaxy S9 such a favourite. 


Expect the Galaxy Note 9 to come with battery power for days! That’s right rumours suggest that the new phablet from Samsung could have a massive 4000mAh battery, compared to the 3300mAh battery in the Note 8. That means more time to spend using and enjoying it instead of charging it. To add to that, a new faster wireless charger might also be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9. 

S Pen 

One of the coolest features we think is going to be the new S Pen if the rumour mill has churned out accurate rumours. As it stands, the S Pen is expected to have Bluetooth and that would mean taking pictures remotely and controlling your music using it. Another nifty feature is said to be the ability to use the S Pen as a pointer during presentations. 

With only a month to go until the official unveiling set to take place on 9 August 2018, we’re very excited to see if all the rumours are true and what exactly it is that Samsung will be bringing us. All we know for sure is it is sure to be exciting if the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are anything to go by. Keep an eye on Phonefinder for the best contract deals for the latest offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 once a release date is confirmed.

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