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Save Your Data with YouTube Go
24 Aug 18

YouTube Go Launched

YouTube is amazing, but not so much for your data right? Well that can change thanks to the launch of the new YouTube Go App. 

So what is the difference exactly? The app has been designed to be much more data-friendly, which means you can still enjoy your beauty tips, conspiracy theories and how to videos without having to worry about all your data being eaten up. 

YouTube has realised how much us South Africans love them and not so much their data-heavy standard platform, so that’s the reason behind this thoughtful new addition to the YouTube family. 

So what do you need to know about YouTube Go? 


A simple and easy to use interface, with a home screen that will show you the trending and popular videos. Also included is a preview function so the decision to watch a video is easier for you. 

Data Saving 

The idea behind YouTube Go is an "offline first” approach which means even in times of low or no connection you can still enjoy the app. Videos can also be saved for later to watch offline and now you can choose the resolution you want to stream videos in so that your data usage is reduced. 

Sharing is Caring 

Now you can share your favourite real ghost sighting video with everyone near and dear to you, because we have to look out for each other. YouTube Go allows for wireless transfer of videos to nearby devices and it uses absolutely none of your precious data. 

Are you sold on the app yet? Good! There’s just one minor thing we should mention, it’s currently only available for Android devices. We know, bummer for Apple users! 

If you would like to get it on your Android Smart Phone, simply head over to Google Play Store and download it, for free of course, and enjoy!

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