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Smart Phones Make Life better and here’s Why
18 May 18

Smart Phones Make Life Better

For most of us, trying to imagine a time when our phones weren’t as smart as they are now is a next to impossible task. Each year more and more features and functionalities arrive along with the shiny new Smart Phones and because of this we just go with the flow enjoying it all in our stride. It’s not often that we find ourselves considering just how much changes each year with our Smart Phones or just how much better they make our lives. 

But, it’s not just the Smart Phones themselves that make our life better. Sure Smart Phones are amazing and handy and look cool, but it’s the technology within them that has allowed services and technologies to be born from the convenience and capabilities of Smart Phones. 

Here are just 3 examples for you. There’s tons more, but these will do. 

Need a ride? 

Services like Uber and Taxify quickly got on board with how powerful a tool Smart Phones have become. People being constantly on the move, being too law abiding to drive after a good night or simply not being able to drive all have one thing in common: Smart Phones. You see, because we tend to have our phones at arm’s reach almost all the time, arming us with an app that would allow us to hail a ride at anytime, anywhere made the most sense, because who even makes calls these days? 

There’s an app for that! 

Following on from the example above, would Uber have had the success it has if apps did not exist? Would apps exist if there weren’t Smart Phones? So many questions, but, one need only browse through the app store or think up an amazing app idea to realise that yes indeed there is an app for that! And if there isn’t an app for that, then pat yourself on the back, get that app going and thank the fact that Smart Phones exist, make our lives easier and could possibly make you richer than you were before your amazing app idea. 


We used to get hungry, jump in the car and head over to get some take-out. Then we started calling a delivery service and had it delivered. Now we don’t even have to make a call. Simply download a delivery app, and order our food of choice with almost every restaurant and fast food place being present on one app or another! Thanks Smart Phones, and our tummy’s thank you too! 

Say Cheese! 

Remember all those priceless moments missed? Reasons like someone’s thumb was over the lens of the film operated camera, the film itself wasn’t developed properly or simply not having a camera were the causes. These days, most of us are lucky enough to have our very own digital camera at our disposal, all thanks to the Smart Phone. Now we can take hundreds of pictures, approve them in the moment and share them instantly! 

There you have it! Our pick of 3 examples where Smart Phones have made our lives better. If you’re up for a challenge, try imagining life without your Smart Phone? Or better yet, try going a week without it and going back to how things used to be. Scary, exciting, daunting. That’s definitely how we’d describe that challenge.

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