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The Smartphones of 2018 are on Their Way!
31 Jan 18

Smartphones of 2018

Ahh a New Year, not only does it remind us that time stands still for no man, but for those of us who enjoy staying informed and in style, it brings the next wave of Smartphones. If the last few years were anything to go by, then the smartphones of 2018 should definitely have some exciting new offerings in store. 

Just a few months ago, the world was left scrambling when Apple revealed the iPhone X. Before that our minds were blown by Samsung with its Infinity Edge display. Sometime in between, a few of the other contenders in the mobile market also played their part with Huawei, LG, Nokia and Sony all proving they were not to be forgotten or left behind. 

But that’s all in the past and it is a New Year, so let’s get right to it with what 2018 will bring. 

Nokia 9 

The Nokia 9 has been quite highly anticipated and if the rumours are true could rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Now that is big news in the Android world, because as most Android users will tell you, the S8 range definitely set the bar high. The new flagship from Nokia is expected to come with an impressive 5.5inch OLED display, which is noteworthy since that is the same kind of display being used by Samsung. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ 

The latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy family may see the light of day soon. According to a Senior Samsung Executive, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launched at the World Mobile Congress in February 2018. While there aren’t any concrete facts that have leaked on this device, it has been speculated that the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back of the phone, with the S9+ sporting a dual camera set up as seen on the Galaxy Note 8 while the smaller S9 will stick with a single camera set up. 

Sony XZ2 or XZ Premium 2 

Rumours are rife that Sony is set to launch a new XZ device possibly at the Mobile World Congress or shortly thereafter. The new device could either be dubbed the Sony Xperia XZ2 or XZ Premium 2, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that. As for what the new device will offer in terms of specs, twin 12 Megapixel cameras at the back will ensure the picture quality that’s come to be expected of Sony will remain. Up front, a 15 Megapixel camera will fulfill all the selfie needs and from the renders of the device that are out there, a 5,48inch bezel-less display are expected, all package in a sleek and stylish case. 

LG G7 

Everything is still quite hush hush when it comes to what the LG G7 will be and can offer smartphone users and enthusiasts alike. If the LG V30 is anything to go by however, the newest addition to the LG family could prove to be quite the capable flagship when it makes it to market. The LG G7 could be expected in March, but that is unconfirmed and we will wait patiently. 

Huawei P20 

While we would love to tell you everything we know about the Huawei P20, there’s not much out there at the moment. Huawei is doing a great job of keeping things quiet, so we hope the Huawei P20 blows us all away, with socks knocked off all over. The most recent, the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro certainly impressed, with camera quality as well as the Porsche edition, so we’re not too worried about any hopes for the P20 falling flat. Once again we will wait in anticipation. 

Apple iPhone 9 / iPhone XI / iPhone X2 

Apple impressed, surprised and delighted people all around the world with the iPhone X, officially the most different, exciting iPhone launched to date and now that a new year is upon us, that means a new iPhone is definitely on its way. Once again, as was the case with the iPhone X, the name of the new device is unknown but speculation has gifted us the options above. What we do know is that Apple confirmed the iPhone X has laid down the foundations for the next 10 years of iPhone. While we’ll have to wait until September to know for sure, as was the case with previous iPhone models, we’re sure to get leaks and rumours that prove quite accurate all through the year. 

There you have it, just a tip of the iceberg of what’s to come in 2018 in the world of mobile and we sure are excited. Let us know which device you’re most looking forward to and why.

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