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What Apps are Draining My Battery
01 Dec 17

What Apps Are Draining My Battery

Being smartphone users, there comes a time when we all have asked the same question; what apps are draining my battery? Well, at Phonefinder, we love those types of questions because it’s our business to know the answers, so that you’re always enjoying the most that your smartphone has to offer. 

Avast, a cyber-security software company, has released its report on the greediest apps when it comes to android battery consumption. Some of the apps named in the report will shock you because most people consider them crucial to day to day life. At least knowing that the apps in question are the cause of your low battery should make you feel better about your next low battery notification. 

Here’s the list of the 10 worst apps for draining battery life that automatically start when your phone turns on.

1. Samsung AllShare 
2. Samsung Security Policy Updates 
3. Beaming Service for Samsung 
4. ChatON Voice & Video Chat 
5. Google Maps 
6. WhatsApp Messenger 
7. Facebook 
8. WeChat 
9. AppLock 
10. DU Battery Saver 

You noticed 6, 7 and 8? Of course you did, Whatsapp, Facebook and WeChat are amongst our favourite apps. Most of the other apps on that list come standard with android smartphones. 

Moving on to the list of the top 10 user started battery draining apps, these would be those apps that users love and run themselves. 

1. Samsung WatchON 
2. Samsung Video Editor 
3. Netflix 
4. Spotify Music 
5. Snapchat 
6. Clean Master 
7. LINE: Free Calls & Messages 
8. Microsoft Outlook 
9. BBC News 
10. ES File Explorer File Manager 

Yes, the beloved Netflix made the list. If you’re a Spotify fan, good music in exchange for battery life is fair trade off and all the Snapchatters out there, say cheese! 

The full report from Avast details not only the apps that are draining batteries, but also the apps that use up the most data, so if you’d like to get on top of everything that is happening with your smartphone and disappearing battery life, you can read the full report here

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