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What You Need to Know About The iPhone 8 AR
04 Dec 17

iPhone 8 AR

The launch of the newest iPhones from Apple had everyone in a buzz and that’s no surprise and hasn’t been since 2007. While the iPhone X is still more of a fleeting dream for most, the iPhone 8 provides a glimmer of hope for attainability. Packed full of new features, the iPhone 8 AR (Augmented Reality) is perhaps the most exciting. 

You won’t need the newest iPhone to experience AR 

Thanks to iOS 11, getting the newest iPhone isn’t necessary to experience what AR is capable of. By simply updating your software to the new iOS 11, the iPhone 8 AR functionality becomes available on the iPhone 6S and upwards. Affordability for the newest Apple devices have been a major talking point, so it’s somewhat comforting to know that you won’t have to break the bank to get in on the AR wave.

Apps and games for AR are already available 

With technology like AR, user interaction is what drives popularity and user interaction in this case requires apps and games. The good news is that there are already numerous apps and games available that will make you truly appreciate AR. 

No extra’s needed 

Everything you’ll need to get the most from AR is already in the iPhone. Apple announced that as long as your iPhone has an A9 Chip or greater, then you’re all set. All that’s left to do is download the apps and games that interest you and away you go, into the world of AR. 

The possibilities are mind boggling 

With AR being made available to such a big group of iPhone users and no extra’s being needed, Apple has hinted at AR being potentially being the focal point of the devices to come in future. Possibilities for the use of AR with Smartphones are endless, which means with each year that passes, we get closer to doing what was previously unheard of with our Smartphones.

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