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About Cellphones - 10 Facts
04 Mar 15

Cell Phone Facts by Phonefinder

Cell phones are a big part of your life. You might deny it, but the truth is that you cannot function in today’s society without your trusty little friend. Let’s face it, our cell phones are part of our everyday lives (the below facts will prove it) and without them we will be lost (literally). That is precisely why we at www.phonefinder.co.za have created a world dedicated to cell phones just for you, be it comparing deals, booking your phone in for a repair or just reading up on the latest mobile news.

Cell phones are so integrated into our lives that there now a phobia called nomophobia which is the fear of being without your cell phone (or being without signal for your phone). Can you imagine that?

The cell phone of today has evolved far beyond its original use. Can you believe that the original use of a mobile phone was to be just that; a phone to be used whilst the operator was mobile? The mobile phone of today has instead replaced the GPS, alarm clock, wrist watch, game station, camera, post office, flash-light… the list goes on. The cell phone of today is as different as a USB is to a VHS (most youngsters of today wouldn't even imagine what a VHS could be used for).

In the attempt to educate you more about your cell phone Phonefinder has put together a list of 10 fascinating facts about your little travel buddy. We hope that you enjoy.


Martin Cooper

The first mobile phone call was made in 1974 by Martin Cooper. He was a former Motorolla inventor.


First Cell Phone

This was at a time when there wasn't even a cordless phone for the home. It weighed 1 kg.


Cell Phone Word

The name "cell phone” comes from the way the device operates. Towers serve areas with signal and are divided up into cells. Each cell connects with the next and ensures a stream less connection. The first use of the word "cell phone” was in 1984.


Cell Phone Cost

The first mobile phone went on sale in the United States at a whopping price of almost $4,000. This was in 1983. The equivalent price in today's terms would be roughly $9,000.00 (that's a whopping R106,000.00).


Cell Phone South Africa

South Africa received the cell phone in 1994 and was initially only on offer through Vodacom which at the time was spearheaded by Alan Knott-Craig (who later became the CEO of Cell C).


Mobile Phone Power

It may come as no surprise to learn that your cell phone (it doesn't even matter which brand or model) has more computing power than the computer used for the Apollo 11 moon landing.


Cell Phone Germs

This is an interesting one for germaphobes; did you know that the average cell phone has 19 times more bacteria than toilet handles? Another interesting fact is that more people in the world have a cell phone than toilets.


Mobile Phone Unlock

The average person unlocks their phone 110 times every day. That includes you.



South Africa has a population of 51.8 million, but a total mobile connection of 66.1 million. That’s a 128% active connection to population.


South Africa Cell Phone

That means that there are more cell phones in South Africa than there are taxis, TV’s and radios combined!

It is exciting to watch the fast and accelerating technological growth of the cellular space. Cell phones have already advanced far beyond offering only voice and text communication but they are now pushing the boundaries of what to expect of these mobile devices by providing health assistance, instant translation, augmented reality and soon even holographic communication.

Through initiatives such as Ubuntu Operating Systems our phones are also on the path of becoming mobile computers; ready to plug into any available monitor and offer the same level of interactivity as a desktop or laptop computer. Soon sci-fi movies will really have to try hard to push the distance between current reality and imagination when it comes to cell phones. 


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