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All about phone data
19 Apr 16

Phil Phonefinder Data

This article is exactly what the title suggests. We are going to discuss your phone data, and try reveal all there is to know about it. From the most popular deals this month on Phonefinder, to the apps that are most hungry for your data to some useful tips to make sure that your data lasts the whole month.

Firstly let’s look at the most popular data deals on Phonefinder (April 2016)

Cell C are on a major drive to win you over with their 60% data price cut this month. It is therefore not surprising to know that Cell C make up 40.87% of all data deal queries on Phonefinder. However the data amount chosen across all networks is not the same as can be seen in the table below.

NetworkPhonefinder market shareMost popular package
Cell C40.87%SmartData 5GB (+15GB Nitetime)
MTN28.77%MTN 1GB
Telkom26.19%SmartInternet 500MB
Vodacom4.17%MyMeg 500MB

Currently the most popular deal chosen on Phonefinder is the R99pm deal by Cell C which gives subscribers 5GB of anytime data plus and additional 15GB of Nitetime data, making up a total of 20GB of data per month. Although most users won’t make complete use of the Nitetime data the deal is still popular among Phonefinder visitors since the full package also comes with a MiFi router which has the capabilities of connecting up to 10 devices wirelessly.

Cell C data deal

How do you reduce your data consumption on your phone?

Easy. Below are our top 4 tips which will reduce your phones data consumption, and your bills considerably

  1. Use WiFi whenever possible. Mobile data is more expensive (usually) than WiFi, so make sure to connect to WiFi whenever possible.
  2. Restrict app background data. Many of your apps, such as Facebook, will send you push notifications such as "you just got a new friend request”. However this means that Facebook is constantly checking Facebook for new notifications. Go to settings on your phone and turn off background data for any app which sends you data which you could easily go and fetch yourself whenever the need arises.
  3. Phone browser. Using a website browser which was designed for mobile use will save you tons of data a month. Opera Mini or Chrome will do just fine.
  4. Airplane mode. This is a great trick for gamers. Switch your phone onto airplane mode when playing free apps. This will disable all data sucking adverts which pop up while playing Angry Birds.
Reduce your phone data use

What’s eating up most of your data? The top 3.
  1. Video: this may come as no surprise, but did you know that a 1 minute video on YouTube will use up about 2MB of data?
  2. Social media: In particular Facebook. It is suggested to assume that a "healthy” social media appetite such as posting images, opening images and just casual browsing your wall could use up to 20MB of data a day.
  3. Email: of course everyone gets different volumes of phone emails a day, however let’s assume that you get 40 emails a day, which adds up to 1MB (without attachments).

wifi hotspotter
Get WiFi Hotspotter with 1GB of WiFi Hotspot data for only R20 pm. Access to over 2000 WiFi Hotspots. WiFi Hotspotter is available on all devices (laptop, tablet, smart phone).

How far will 500MB get me?
  • On Facebook: 25 hours
  • On the web: 21 hours
  • On YouTube: 33 4 minute videos
  • On WhatsApp: 16 666 messages
  • On Skype: 2 hours
  • On Google Maps: 8 hours

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