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All you need to know to take great pics on your phone
10 Dec 15

Phone Camera

December holidays are around the corner, so make sure that you have packed your sunscreen, that your swimming cozzies are in style and that your phone has tons of free memory for all the great pictured you’re going to be taking!

Today most cell phones have a decent camera. There was a time between analogue cameras (remember those cameras with real film) and cell phone cameras, this was the digi-came age, and most digi-cams were either very cheap and took horrible pictures, or too expensive for the average mortal to purchase. Today a mid-range smartphone can out perform the best digi-cam of 2000. So if you take poor pictures and have a decent smart phone, well in this case we blame the photographer and not the device!

However if you do have a decent smartphone and do take poor pictures then rest assured because there is help. This article intends to help improve your photography skills.

Having the top of the line cell phone won’t guarantee great photos. You need to practive and play with your settings.

Top 3 tips to take amazing photos

Get really close
Your phone camera has a small sensor which provides a wide depth of field. This means that you can focus on an entire area where bigger cameras would lose focus. Getting really close will result in stunning pictures

Never zoom
Pretend that your camera doesn’t even have a zoom function. Instead use your crop feature in order to enlarge areas in a photo.

Pick a better camera app
Most standard camera apps just don’t give you or your camera the range of control needed to make use of the different colours and light that you will be faced with during the day. Taking control of the light is your number one chance of taking an amazing picture.

Top 3 apps to take better pictures

Of course Google Camera is number one on the list. The design of the app, the ease of use and the fact that most of you use Android by Google makes this a top choice. The best feature with Google Camera has to be the Photo Sphere setting which allows you to take perfect 360-degree photos.

This camera app is far more complicated to use than Google Camera, however it is also far more impressive and and offers a higher level of customization. Admittedly this app takes a while to get familiar with, but once you know your way around the settings your pictures will look stunning.

The name says it all, this truly is a better camera than the one you got with your phone. The one problem with this camera app though is that most of the "better features” have to be purchased. We tried out a few of the purchase features, and we must say that they are really amazing – our pictures were worth sharing.

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