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Apple Drops the i, but Why?
14 Sep 14

Apple drops the i, but why?

This week Apple launched 3 new device, the much anticipated iPhone 6 (and surprise launch of the iPhone 6 Plus), the Apple Wallet and Apple Watch. Besides the iPhone however you may have notice that the naming conventions behind Apple’s new products were missing the defining prefix "i”. 

The much anticipated iWatch is named Apple Watch, the Apple mobile wallet is called Apple Wallet (not iWallet), but why?

Steve Jobs started the "i” craze back in 1998 with the iMac. This iconic computer was what saved the brand form destruction, so it made sense to place the lower case i in front of all new products. The "i” stood for design integrity, it added a status symbol to a simple everyday product. In actual fact the "i” stood for internet, and Apple stood for integrity, design and status.

So why did Apple drop the i?

The answer is twofold (Possibly. No one really knows)

1) iPay and iTV already existed: ADP (a Payroll company) already owns the name iPay and iTV TV network in the UK. Sure Apple could have just create the iWallet, iCard, iBank or the iView, iBox any other detour names.

2) Apple is heading into a new era, the post Steve Jobs era, spearheaded by Tim Cook who wants a chance at staking his claim on the future of Apple. Dropping the "i” is both symbolic and a renewed focus and confidence in the Apple brand. After all, having Apple as a suffix is far more important to the Apple brand than having an "i”.

So will Apple one day launch the Apple Phone? Let’s wait and see.

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