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Apple iOS 11: A Big Step, A Giant Leap
06 Sep 17

Apple iOS 11:  A Big Step, A Giant Leap

The New Apple iOS 11 

The latest additions to the Apple family are expected to be unveiled on 12 September 2017. That is very exciting to say the least, however, just as exciting has to be the launch of Apple’s new operating system expected the very next day, 13 September 2017. Simply put, even if you won’t be able to get yourself the latest iPhone you will still get to reap some of the rewards in the form of the new iOS 11.
    • The new operating system will be available for the following devices: 
    • iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus 
    • iPhone 6S | iPhone 6S Plus 
    • iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus 
    • iPhone SE | iPhone 5S 
    • 2017 iPad Pro (12.9-inch) | 2017 iPad Pro (10.5-inch) | 2017 iPad (9.7-inch) 
    • iPad Pro (9.7-inch) | iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 
    • iPad mini 4 | iPad mini 3 | iPad mini 2 
    • iPad Air 2 | iPad Air 
    • iPod touch 6th generation
Good news is if you have an iPhone 5S or newer, you’ll be getting in on what Apple has called "a giant step for iPhone" and "a monumental leap for iPad”. Bad news is if you have an iPhone 5, 5C or older you will have to make do or work on getting something newer. If you choose to go with the latter, however, Phonefinder has you covered. 

The features of iOS 11 definitely sound like they fit the bill when it comes to the "giant step” and "monumental leap” as described by Apple. We’ve put together our favourite features below to whet your appetite. 

Way more pictures and videos

Apple has decided to change the compression in iOS 11, so that means more pictures and videos can be stored on your phone than ever before. In fact, twice as many than in iOS 10, according to Apple.

Siri will be smarter and sound better 

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Apple wants Siri to get smarter as you use her. They have opted to include a translate feature, so Siri will be able to speak a foreign language on your behalf, translating words and phrases you require. As for her robotic sounding voice, Apple says she will now sound much more natural. 

The keyboard will be better and smarter too

In iOS 11, the keyboard will be able to suggest words based on your recent activity, for example in messenger or safari. On occasion, when you find your hands full and needing to type a message, perhaps with a coffee in one hand and your phone in other, you can now hold down the emoji key and select one-handed typing, shifting everything over to the side so it’s closer and more accessible to your thumb. 

Setting up a new iPhone or iPad will be a breeze 

Apple thinks setting up a new iPhone or iPad should be much easier, so you can start enjoying it much sooner. By holding the new iPhone or iPad close to your previous iOS device, all your settings, preferences and iCloud passwords will imported, magically. Well, it’s not magic, but still pretty amazing! 

There you have it, our favourite features expected in iOS 11. There are a number of features we haven’t mentioned but we’ll let those be somewhat of a surprise. Apple seems to have really gone all out this time around, addressing a lot of the issues that people have brought up over the years. 

Be sure to keep an eye on Phonefinder for all the amazing contract deals that will be available for the new iPhone and iPad, as well as all the previous models listed above, that iOS 11 will be making just as awesome.

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