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Apple iPhone Has Got Tall Plans
09 May 14

iPhone 6

Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to the company having "big plans" for 2014. Could this be a subtle reference to a larger iPhone If so he should have said "tall plans”.

Yes; Apple is producing much larger six inch screens for its next generation of iPhones.

The expected release date is in May (although South Africa may have to wait while the marketing experts overseas control the "splash”). Leaked information also suggests that the iPhone 6 will come with a 20 nanometre processor, meaning that the new Apple slightly thinner, slightly larger and slightly "cooler” than the iPhone 5S / 5C.

Why is Apple growing their iPhone? Well the answer is obvious – they are being left behind in a world where size does matter. So while Apple has only increased the size of its screens once during the whole 6 year lifetime of the iPhone brand they have now decided to compete in the ever growing "phablets” market which is owned by rival companies.

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