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Apple's Journey to The Top
08 Sep 15
Apple iPhone

Gearburn recently published an article about Apple's iPhone epic journey to the top of the cell phone stack. The article is a great read and features some statistics straight off of Phonefinder.

"In the beginning Apple wanted to really wow consumers with the release of their iPhone 6 in October 2014. Since handset design and performance is so competitive between the various smartphone giants, Apple promised a product very different to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, and the company delivered in a big way." By Yusuf Begg on 7 September, 2015

According to Phonefinder’s Lance Krom, the iPhone 6 exceeded expectations, while its presence in the smartphone market stimulated the sale of additional Apple products. When the iPhone 6 was launched, Apple’s leads on Phonefinder grew from 18% to 21% of all leads generated. However, only 8% of those increased leads are for the iPhone, the majority are for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S. The reason for this is because earlier models have become more financially accessible.

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