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Apple Plans to Drop the Headphone Jack
19 Jan 16

Apple Iphone 7 Headphone Jack

Could the iPhone 7 be the end of the common headphone jack? The answer is maybe, but probably yes – at least if you are an iPhone fanatic. 

If you use Apple products you will know that it’s notoriously difficult to borrow a charging cable. For one thing not everyone uses Apple phones and the standard for all other phones is the common micro-USB (still commonly known as a "Blackberry charger for no apparent reason). The other reason for having a hard time borrowing someone’s Apple iPhone charger is that they are expensive – no one wants to just share them! 

Apple however seems to love standing out from the crowd. The Apple iPhone, iPad, iMac and iPod all use unique cables which other devices have not adapted. This creates expensive replacements and creates a sense of value for the owner in such a common accessory such as a charging cable. It’s brilliant. 

Now the rumor is that Apple is at it again. This time they want to replace the common headphone jack. 

Will the iPhone 7 replace the headphone jack? Will it matter? Will it improve technology or just make it more expensive to replace your headphones is they get misplaced or stolen? Watch the below BBC new article and decide for yourself. 

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