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Are you one of Cell C’s 18 million customers?
28 Jul 14
Cell C Growth
Are you one of Cell C’s 18 million customers? 

Cell C has recently revealed that it has an 18.1 million active customers on its book (June 2014, that’s a 59% increase from a year ago). 

It might surprise you to know that in Cell C’s 13 years of operation it has yet to make a net profit. However that has not slowed Cell C down! Despite their earnings Cell C has waged a price on South African cellphone Network Operators by reducing call rates and have even revealed their plans to invest R2.3bn in its network. 

Subscriber numbers 
  • MTN SA reported 24.9-million at the end of March 2014 
  • Vodacom reported 30.96-million at the end of December 2013 
  • Cell C reported 18.1-million at the end of June 2014

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