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Best Gifts for Father’s Day: Tech Toys For The Big Boys
10 Jun 19

Father's day

Fathers Day is coming up and you’re still looking for that perfect gift to make your Dad feel extra special. He may be getting on in years, but he’s still young enough at heart to get excited about all the tech that thrills you and makes all our lives easier. Phil’s here to take you through some ideas for those gifts your homeboy would love to get on Fathers Day.

For The Tough Tata: The Latest CAT Phone

While Nokia has been stepping up its game in the smartphone arena, it seems to have been dethroned as the best rugged phones by CAT, and most recently, by the CAT S48c. 

Whether your dad has an active job or just likes to get his hands dirty in his spare time, the CAT S48c’s rubberised surface can protect it from any knocks and bumps he may encounter. It also helps to make this toughie both water- and dust-resistant. 

It’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor and Android Oreo OS also allows this CAT phone to compete with the latest Samsung and Huawei smartphones. For all its practical quirks, however, the CAT S48c doesn’t have any ground-shaking breakthrough on-board apps and features that make so many CAT phones that bit extra. But that doesn’t stop it from being an affordable, hardy handy for trailblazing dads who get things done!

For The Music-Mad Dad: The Banging Bluetooth Speaker


It’s a far cry from your dad’s old boom box, but he’s sure to appreciate it all the same. With a world of music available at our fingertips thanks to the wonders of music and radio apps on your smartphone, all you need is a Bluetooth connection and you’re jamming for days! There are a number of Bluetooth speakers on the market, but not all speakers are created equal. 

Since your Pop surely deserves the top of the pops, get him a speaker that keeps the party going all night. The most mind-blowing speaker by all accounts at the moment is the JBL Flip 4. 

This portable Bluetooth speaker delivers a massive stereo sound. Powered by a 3000mAh rechargeable battery that carries high-quality sound for up to 12 hours straight. What’s more is this Bluetooth boombox is waterproof, meaning you can take the party just about anywhere! If you want to spin this thing as a serious necessity, you can also use this speaker as a pitch-perfect, echo-cancelling phone speaker for conference calls or to chat with Siri.

For The Blundering Baba: The Fail-Proof Phone Cover


Is Dad a bit of a butterfingers? Maybe all he really wants on Father’s Day is a way to keep his smartphone in one piece, despite his cringey clumsiness. The solution: make his dainty Samsung or iPhone as rough and tough as any CAT phone with Otter Box. 

This company specialises in all sorts of accessories designed to physically protect your smartphone. 

Otter Box offers phone covers made of rubber and polycarbonate as well as screen protectors, and even cases that include detachable pop-sockets. No matter how clumsy your Pa is, he’ll never have to fear a cracked screen or scratched phone case ever again.


Final word from Phil

Whether your Dad is tough or cool or just thinks he is, let the old guy know he has a special place in your heart. And to all the Dads and Dads-to-be out there, Phil and Phonefinder would just like to say: stay awesome!

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