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BlackBerry Priv pulled a rabbit out of the hat
15 Feb 16
BlackBerry Priv

Just when you though BlackBerry was dead and obsolete, they managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. The rabbit they pulled out of the hat is in the shape of a little green robot, commonly known as Android.

That’s right, BlackBerry have started using the Android Operating system in their latest smart phone, the BlackBerry Priv. Now this may seem pretty standard for a smart phone manufacturer, after all Samsung, SONY and many other cell phone manufacturers use Android to run their devices so then why is the BlackBerry Priv so unique? Well there is far more to the operating system than meets the eye.

Sure BlackBerry may seem to have thrown in the towel, but the outstanding feature of this phone is still very much what BlackBerry has always stood for – namely security.

Today’s cell phones focus of the bells and whistles. A high density camera, waterproof casing, fast processing power and a tough touch sensitive screen. The BlackBerry Priv has all of that, but it has one more piece of the puzzle which many other cell phones just don’t have – the ability to keep your private information private.

With so many aps on the market these days needing information from your device it is almost impossible to stay safe. Why a calculator app would needs your GPS location? More importantly who is receiving that information? With the BlackBerry Priv there is no need to even worry about that, your information is safely locked inside of your phone.

Now it is also true that under BlackBerry 10 OS BlackBerry kept you safe from scrupulous apps anyway, mainly because BlackBerry doesn’t have access to that many apps in the market. Now operating the Android Operating System BlackBerry has access to hundreds of thousands of Android based apps, the very things that it is trying to keep you safe from – so in a way BlackBerry jumped into Pandora’s Box.

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By default all of our data, whether it be pictures, social media content or business sheets are all encrypted for privacy. From both a hardware and privacy point of view BlackBerry have privacy under control – more than any other phone on the market. BlackBerry Priv runs a privacy software called DTEK™ by BlackBerry® which informs you about all your security breaches and lets you take control.

In a nutshell The BlackBerry Priv delivers an incredibly strong cell phone performance. It comes in a sleek, solid package which boasts the famous Blackberry Keyboard, and most importantly it offers one the privacy which is not found on any other phone on the market.

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