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Broken phone? Enter the Mobile Throwing World Championships!
05 Jan 14
Cell Phone Throwing

If your mobile phone is broken, the screen is cracked or you are just due for an upgrade then why not see how far you can throw it? Sounds silly, and it is, but mobile phone throwing is a big topic in Finland.

The Mobile Throwing World Championships started Finland in 2000 in a place called Savonlinna. The idea behind the sport was to provide frustrated cell phone owners a way to discard their cell phones in a fun and social way. The "sport" allows for both broken and old mobile phones to be thrown as far as possible, last year's record was 97.73 meters. 

So if your screen is cracked or if you just upgraded to the new iPhone 5s and don't know what to do with you're old paperweight, then why not sign up for the Mobile Throwing WC?

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