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Can I cancel my cellphone contract early?
13 Oct 13

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Do you want to cancel your cell phone contract but your locked into a contract?

Are you getting horrible service from your Service Provider? Is the Network you’re on providing horrible cell phone reception in your area?

Finally you do not need to feel locked into poor performing cell phone contracts because now The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) of South Africa protects consumers from poor service.

The CPA gives you the ability to cancel a long term contract under certain circumstances. Although the exact rules are a bit "grey”.

Cell phone contracts can be extremely restrictive. If you are reading this article then you probably know how hard and expensive it is trying to end a two year contract early. You may have been told that you need to pay in a large sum of money to cancel your contract early? This is where the CPA can help.

20 days’ notice.

Cell phone service providers are compelled under the rules of the CPA to allow customers to cancel their contracts early, just so long as 20 days’ notice is given. What’s more is you will not have to pay out your cell phone device. Under the CPA the contract providers will no longer be able to force customers to pay for the handsets that came with the contract (however should you not pay out for your cell phone your Service Provider will be allowed to take back the mobile phone).

Grey areas

The CPA states that there can be a "reasonable” charge for contract cancellation which is decided on after taking a number of points into consideration. A reasonable charge may not exceed 10% of the amount you would have had to pay over the fixed term.


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