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CAT Phones - Most Rugged and Durable Smartphones
07 Jul 16

CAT Rugged Phones
CAT Rugged Phones - for those with a tough lifestyle and who still need a smart phone

If a cracked screen, water damage or dust clogged phone is a constant issue for you then perhaps you need to stay away from the construction yard (or mountain bike course) or better yet – get yourself a more rugged phone!

If the above phone problems are constant occurrences for you and you just can’t bear to do without a phone then you will love this smartphone solution from CAT (that’s correct, CAT! The same company behind the indestructible show and the sturdiest construction machines in the world).

CAT’s rugged smartphones are even compliant with US Military testing for extreme conditions, so you are assured to not be let down by their ruggedness no matter how extreme your lifestyle is.

CAT Phones are:
- Waterproof Dustproof
- Drop proof (1.8m)
- MIL STD 810g certified (take our word for it, that is impressive)
- Wet finger tracking compatible
- Oil and grease resistant
- Glove-on working technology

CAT phones run on Google Android. CAT phones are made to be innovative and tough enough to never let you down in tough situations.

Innovation is the key to the CAT phone. 

Soon CAT S60 will be the first smartphone to feature a thermal camera! This will come in handy when detecting heat loss around windows and doors; spotting moisture and missing insulation; identifying over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry; and seeing in complete darkness. Now if that isn’t innovative we don’t know what is!

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Released in September 2015. This sterdy phone featured a 4.5 inch display, a 5MP 1080p camera and 1GB RAM Snapdragon 210 processor.

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Released August 2015. This rugged smart phone features a 4.7 inch display, an 8 MP 1080p camera and 1GB RAM Snapdragon 210 processor.

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