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Cell C and WiFi Calling, all you need to know.
06 Oct 16

WiFi Calling
Cell C and WiFi Calling, all you need to know. 

WiFi Calling will be your new go-to for any call you need to make, no matter where you are in the world! 

We have all experienced a constant loss of network in a few places and know by heart exactly which areas we are completely cut off from our mobile world. 

Poor signal tends to find you, whether it’s at your favorite spot on the couch, or in your quiet space at work where Jonny in accounting can’t bother you for a minute… but now say goodbye to dropped calls and poor cellphone signal. 

Wi-Fi calling allows you to create a cell phone tower out of any WiFi hotspot! Complete a call without it dropping on you. No more frustration or damaged phones (if you have a temper like Phil). 

But what is WiFi calling? 

WiFi calling is a free service created for smartphones. WiFi calling lets you make and receive phone calls over a WiFi connection. 

Calls can be to land-lines or other cell phones with no app needed or log in required. Best of all your call minutes are deducted from your current talk plan, meaning that WiFi calling is just like using your cell phone in any ordinary day-to-day setting. 

WiFi calling is here to save the day when you travel abroad or have weak to no cellphone reception. 

No matter where you are in the world 

Arguably the best feature of WiFi calling is that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world – your bill won’t be any different to a call made locally! 

WiFi calling is supported by select cell phone models and is brought to you by Cell C, the innovator of WiFi Calling in South Africa. 

Cell C designed their WiFi calling feature for their jet-setting customers. Now, Cell C subscribers (and pre-paid clients) can turn any WiFi hotspot into a Cell C tower and not get charged absorbent roaming fees. 

The feature will inevitably become more widespread, as it’s a great way for Cell C to offload their network traffic, and ensure that their subscribers are always within crystal clear cell phone reception, making it a win-win for the networks and for their subscribers.


WiFi calling enabled deals 

If you’re looking to start using WiFi calling now then check out these great deals we’ve singled out: 

Apple iPhone SE
With a 4.00-inch touch screen display, and a resolution of 640 pixels by 1136 pixels at PPI of 326 pixels per inch. The iPhone SE is driven by an A9 processor with 2GB of RAM. 

WiFi Calling Deals

Samsung Galaxy A3
A 4.5-inch touch screen display, and a resolution of 540 by 360, this smartphone shows off a powerful performance. 

WiFi Calling Deals

Huawei P9 Lite
With a super model physique, this smartphone will impress you with its 5.2-inch FHD in-cell screen and wider colour gamut, giving you more detail.

WiFi Calling Deals

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