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Cell C Black: A Binge-Worthy Bargain
09 May 19

Cell C Black

With the rise of Netflix and ShowMax in South Africa, is it any surprise to see one of SA’s biggest data service providers getting some skin in the game? In 2017, Cell C entered the streaming arena with its own unique offering and this offering has proven to b e a match made in heaven. Cell C data deals have never been sweeter! 

With Cell C Black, you get a range of quality entertainment, either as part of your data contract or as a stand-alone service, at the right price for your pocket while putting all your favourite shows in your pocket. Phil’s here to give you the breakdown on the various Cell C Black offerings and what you can binge on your Black TV package this weekend.


The four package deals Cell C black users can tune into to feed their streaming cravings can be divided into "Access” or "Premium”/ ”Unlimited”: FLEXIblack Access, FLEXIblack Unlimited, Binge Access, and Binge Premium. While the Access packages focus on local content, Cell C Black TV’s premium or unlimited packages offers a juicy combination of both local and international films and TV shows. Being a premium package, you would expect a premium price, but Cell C offers its Access packages for as little as R10, while its Premium or Unlimited packages can range from R89 to R199.

As of March of this year, Cell C Black has added four further packages to their repertoire. Black TV Access and Black TV Premium offers a local and international (respectively) bouquets of television shows to keep you at the edge of your seat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Black Movies allows you to rent the latest blockbuster movies for as little as R25. 

So, get your mates together, and get your marathon on! Cell C Black also offers a specialised package, FOX+ and National Geographic+, which as the name suggests gives Black users access to premium FOX and National Geographic series for less than the Black TV Premium deal. This package also has something for football fans as viewers can opt in to get extra access to club channels like Real Madrid TV, Liverpool TV, Chelsea TV, and Manchester United TV.


You can enjoy your desired Cell C Black package on your TV at home or on the go by getting the Cell C Black App on your smartphone or tablet. So, what are you waiting for? Get watching!

What To Stream

The Walking Dead

This post-apocalyptic horror-drama has had viewers on the edge of their seats for the last 10 season and folks are still enthralled. 

The story follows former Deputy Sherriff Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma just in time to land smack-bang in the middle of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. He bands together with a ragtag crew of fellow survivors to look for shelter for themselves and others, who made it through the outbreak of the zombie virus.

 Of course, trouble is never too far behind and often the real evil lies within as many of the remaining humans prove to be more monstrous than the undead themselves.

Call The Midwife

This BBC drama follows a newly qualified midwife, Jenny Lee, who joins the nurses and nuns of Nonnatus House, a nursing convent serving the needs of a desperately poor community in London’s East End in the 1950s. Between the nursing needs of the community and the social pressures of the time, there is no time to rest for the midwives and sisters of Nonnatus. 

This series has already proven stiff competition to worldwide phenomenon that is Downton Abbey. Be sure to add this tall drink of British drama to your watching queue.

Mr Robot

You will definitely want to bulk up on your antivirus programmes after taking in this crime drama. Elliot Alderson is a cybersecurity engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night. Despite grappling with various mental health issues that have him questioning reality, Elliot is recruited by the mysterious online anarchist, Mr Robot, to join his team of hacktivists, called fsociety. 

While Elliot finally finds a home for his talents among this online army, it isn’t long before his involvement with fsociety gets him on the wrong side of the law.


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