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Cell C DataExtenda Bundles
06 Nov 15

Cell C Data Extenda

Ever buy cell phone data only for it to expire at the end of the month even though your bundle isn’t complete? Well now Cell C have what they call their mobile data DataExtenda. The DataExtenda lets you roll over your data for another 30 days (you will need to load the DataExtenda before you data bundle runs out). 

Usually cell phone data bundles only last for a period of 30 days, regardless of if they have run out of data or not.

"We know that customers want to be able to use the data they have purchased at times that are convenient to them, but validity periods are sometimes just not long enough to allow them to control when they use their data,” said Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos. 

To purchase a Cell C DataExtenda simply dial *109# and then follow the on screen instructions. The DataExtenda’s range from R11 (for 30MB) to R149 (for 1GB). 

This means that if you buy 500MB of data in month 1, and close to the month end you still have 200MB, then buying another DataExtenda of 500MB within month 1 will mean that in month 2 you will have 700MB.

To find the top Cell C Phone Deals on Phonefinder visit the Cell C Specials page on Phonefinder. Don’t forget to TopUp your deals with DataExtenda - any new or existing Cell C member on any TopUp, Contract or Prepaid plan can apply for the Cell C DataExtenda data bundles.

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