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Cell phone battery dying on you? Here are some tips to keep it lasting
09 Nov 13

You may have used Phonefinder to find the perfect smart cell phone deal, however the truth is that as long as you’re keeping up with technology and not using an old dumb-phone -your phone battery is taking a pounding. Android, Blackberry or Apple iPhone: your battery can only handle so much until it dies on you at the worst possible time.

You are most likely always connected to the internet (via 3g, LTE, Wi-Fi or GPS), your screen resolution is probably set to display amazing images, you probably have some great apps installed and if you’re like everybody on Earth you also probably receive over 100 emails a day (junk mail counts).

Our cellphone needs have gotten greater. This has been a direct cause of our cell phones being able to provide us with more capabilities. Unfortunately the only capability which hasn’t advanced so quickly is a longer lasting battery.

So how do you prolong your battery life?

Below are some tips, however your phone may have advanced settings which will help even more, so we suggest reading up on your phones battery capabilities and following the steps which suit your lifestyle.

Some tips:

Switch it off: This is the simplest tip; however it’s only really possible when you don’t need your phone such as when you’re in a dead zone, at the movies in a meeting or going to bed.

Background: Select a dark background; this will save you some battery time. Make sure you don’t have animated backgrounds switch on.

Heat: Keep your smart phone cool. The hotter it gets the quicker the battery will drain. So keep your phone out of direct sunlight at all costs.

Switch Location Services off (GPS): There are many apps which make use of your location services (apps which you may not even understand why they need to know where you are). These apps will continuously call on your GPS which is a big battery hog. Switch your GPS off until you actually need it.

Apps with loads of advertisements: avoid them at all costs. These adds continuously refresh themselves and help drain your battery.

Switch off 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi: If you don’t need to be connected then best to log off from the internet. This is probably only possible when you go to sleep, but at least you will always wake up with a full phone battery.

Facebook: We are sorry to say but Facebook is a battery hog too. The app refreshes constantly even when running in the background. This causes excessive data use which drains your battery. The conundrum is that what good is a smart phone without Facebook?

Twitter: While Twitter is slightly gentler on your battery than Facebook it’s also a battery hog. It will constantly refresh in the background, especially if you have notifications switched on.

Pictures: Taking pictures is of course dangerous when your battery is on red. However the major thing to remember when taking pictures on a full battery is to switch off geolacation services, this will allow you to snap away for longer.

Weather: Same applies here; if you’re on the move your geolocation services will try and update you on the weather. So turn it off and enjoy a long lasting mobile phone.


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