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Cell phone insurance: Is it worth it?
28 Sep 13

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You may be wondering if cell phone insurance is worth it.

The short answer is yes.

Your cell phone is a vital part of your life. You take your phone everywhere you go - and this increases the chance of theft, damage and loss.

Remember the frustration you had with your old phone towards the end? If you had a smartphone then remember the frustration you had when applications started running slowly and when it constantly froze up. If you had a feature-phone then remember the frustration you had when you couldn't read your emails, access Facebook, follow Twitter or take pictures?

Cell phone insurance means that you can rest assured that if anything happens to your new phone then you will not have to resort to your frustrating old frustrating (or just as worse, buy an expensive new smart-phone or a cheap feature-deprived phone).

Some features of standard cell phone insurance packages*

  • Cover against theft
  • Cover against accidental loss
  • Cover against accidental physical damage
  • Cover against SIM usage after the phone has been reported lost or stolen
  • Replacement of a SIM ( SIM being lost, stolen or damaged)
  • Extended cell phone warranty

*www.phonefinder.co.za does not at this time offer cell phone insurance. Standard features are not guaranteed on all insurance packages offered. Speak to your Service Provider about cell phone insurance options.


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